Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 2072

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 2072 – Puzzled Al the Jarvis residence, Bill kept receiving calls from the bodyguards informing him of the movements of Winnie and her family members.

“As expected, they’ve resorted to a rather devious escape plan. Two cars set off, one toward us and the other toward the airport.

But in reality, they escaped using a taxi from the underground. Anyway, they won’t be able to escape for long,” Bill reported to Lucian and Roxanne after compiling all information he had gotten from the bodyguards.

Lucian was shocked. The bodyguards he had assigned to Bill were highly skilled and professional. They were clearly well-trained.

Lucian’s face remained calm as he nodded in agreement. He couldn’t help but notice how Yuliana’s escape plan was similar to the one chosen by Jack in the past.

They both tried to leave by water, as traveling by planes and trains had fixed schedules and was easily traceable.

Roxanne was not concerned with these details. As long as Lucian said they couldn’t escape, she was certain that they wouldn’t be able to.

However, the most pressing issue was still the evidence. Without sufficient evidence, it would be meaningless to stop Winnie’s family from leaving.

Where would Mom keep her heirloom? She racked her brains, trying to remember but to no avail. Roxanne looked at Lucian and asked, “Is it
possible that my mother’s heirloom is not in the Jarvis residence?”

Lucian shook his head, denying her speculation. “It’s simple. Your mother was bedridden in her last few years. Unless someone helped her, it would be
impossible for her to take anything out.

Besides, she wanted to leave her things to you when you grew up, so she would never put them in a place where you couldn’t find them.

Don’t forget, she was also afraid of being discovered by Winnie and Grant.” After listening to Lucian’s analysis, Bill nodded in agreement.

“But we’ve already searched every corner of the house. It couldn’t be hidden within this reinforced concrete structure.

We have to tear down the whole building if that’s the case!” Roxanne became frustrated and continued to look around exasperatedly.

“I was thinking, didn’t you sell the house before? Madilyn bought it back. Could the buyer have found it?” Lucian continued to analyze.

Roxanne shook her head. “No. Although the family bought it, they never lived in it. After they bought it, they emigrated.”

“That… doesn’t seem right? Since they bought the property, which is a fixed asset, why did they emigrate?” Bill frowned.

Puzzled, he deemed it necessary to investigate the buyer. “Today is Madilyn’s big day. It wouldn’t be nice to disturb her. I’ll ask her tomorrow,” Roxanne said.

Since they wouldn’t be able to find the heirloom anytime soon, Lucian advised her to go back and rest. As long as they didn’t let Winnie escape, there was still time.

Bill also advised her to leave and let him continue searching, as there was no need for everyone to be there.

Soon after, Roxanne and Lucian returned to the Farwell residence. An hour later, Bill sent a text message to Lucian, informing him that the boat Yuliana wanted to use to escape was an unlicensed black ship and had been seized by the maritime police.

Yuliana’s car was on the way back to the mansion. Lucian was amazed by Bill’s methods, realizing that they were different from his own.

Bill was a retired police officer who still adhered to certain ethical standards and wouldn’t resort to violence to prevent their escape without sufficient evidence.

Until there was enough evidence, Winnie could only be considered a suspect. Later, even the four private investigators were taken down by the bodyguards and politely sent away from Harington.

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