Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1856

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1856 –Sign The Agreements The executives of the research institute concluded their meeting with a unanimous agreement to venture into the cosmeceutical industry.

Such an endeavor would not only improve their livelihood but would also net them more funds to conduct costlier experiments.

With her excellent memory, Roxanne recounted most of the details. Fully convinced, the group had nothing else to add.

At last, however, Roxanne called Lucian to ascertain its feasibility once more. “Go for it. Since Elektra is on board to invest and most of the shares are yours, I’d say give it a shot.”

Lucian’s affirmation made Roxanne feel more at ease. That afternoon, she called Elektra to express her agreement and also ask when the capital could be

Elektra told her she would be getting thirty million for the first phase, seventy million for the second phase, and additional funding as needed for the third phase.

Best of all, the capital could be secured on the same day. Roxanne was impressed by her partner’s efficiency. She immediately instructed Linda to expedite the company registration process.

That evening, Roxanne gathered the core personnel, including Peregrine and his team, and took them to a hotel. Elektra, accompanied by some investors who had a long-standing business relationship with her family, met them there to sign the agreements.

It was in that simple manner that the partnership began. After the formalities, the feast began. However, it soon became plain that both sides did not belong in the same social circle.

Roxanne’s people were all researchers who had nothing in common with the investors. As a result, Roxanne had Linda make the arrangements to send them back after the meal.

The investors did not take offense. Instead, they chatted and drank among themselves before leaving not long after.

At last, only Roxanne and Elektra were left. Roxanne raised her glass. “Here’s to a successful partnership, Ms. Lane,” she said happily, inclining her head.

“You don’t have to be so formal with me, Roxanne. Just call me Elektra as Lucian does. From today on, we’re partners.”

Elektra admired Roxanne’s ability to be certain about such a large investment given such a short amount of time.

She’s decisive enough to grab hold of an opportunity that presents itself. I, on the other hand, can’t even compare with Christina.

This whole thing was her idea. “All right. We are allies now. From here on out, things are going to be tougher on your end.

We will spend almost the whole thirty million from the first phase. The capital of the second phase, which will be used to build the factory, needs to be ready on hand.”

In simple terms, Roxanne lay out her needs, to which Elektra readily agreed. After several more glasses of wine, Roxanne suddenly received a call from Madilyn, who sounded morose.

Startled, she bid Elektra farewell and headed for the hospital. Upon arriving, she headed straight to the director’s office.

Pushing open the door, she saw Madilyn looking all sad. Madilyn looked up. Her eyes were red. “What happened? Who did this? Tell me!”

Roxanne’s heart twinged painfully when she saw her usually cheerful best friend in that state. She went over, hugged her, and patted her shoulder.

Madilyn gave Roxanne a squeeze as her tears rolled down her cheeks. “My mom might not make it, Roxanne.” Roxanne froze for several seconds.

Upon regaining her composure, she asked, “What happened? Tell me everything. Don’t be sad. She could still make it.”

Madilyn seemed even more dejected after seeing Roxanne panic. “I’m a doctor too, Roxanne. I can tell that she might not survive her heart attack.”

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