Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1855

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1855 – Good Terms Sonya made a beeline for the mansion as soon as morning arrived.

The children were already awake and were impatiently waiting for their grandmother to come bearing delicious gifts.

Sonya had started by tracking down local delicacies and buying them for the children. However, possibly because she was displeased at the lack of authenticity, she decided to make them herself.

That morning, she brought them some Osman thus cake. Roxanne woke up to find her body feeling as if it had rattled apart from the torture she had been put through.

She even wondered if Lucian had snuck a pill to deliver his exceptionally fearsome performance.

While he slept, she quickly tiptoed to get dressed, then headed down the stairs to greet Sonya. “You’re here early, Mom!”

she greeted, stunning Sonya for several seconds. Arriving down the stairs, Roxanne saw the children already in the kitchen having the time of their lives
sampling delicacies.

Sonya walked over, carrying another portion plainly meant for Roxanne. After she regained her composure, she smiled brightly and said, “Come, try these cakes I made!”

Roxanne nodded. This change in greeting feels natural. That was how she had greeted Sonya in the past before it became Mrs. Farwell.

Now that she was married, Roxanne no longer felt the need to be shy. As soon as Sonya set the pastries down, she hurried out to her car and returned with a large but flatlooking purse.

“This is for you, Roxanne. A wedding gift from me. Inside you’ll find a bank card and a title deed. There isn’t much money on the card, but it’s a lucky number.

The deed, on the other hand, is for a beachside mansion that caught my eye when I saw it with a friend recently. You can bring the children over for a vacation in the future.”

Roxanne was stunned. Having thought of the gesture as merely a formality, she was surprised to discover that Sonya had planned it with so much thought.

With a polite smile, she accepted it graciously, “Thank you, Mom!” Sonya beamed. “There is no need to thank me. It’s what I should do.

Let me know if there’s ever anything you need.” She had never dared hope for Roxanne to greet her like that again, thinking it would take several years.

Upon closer reflection, Sonya realized that her daughter-in-law was a straightforward person. Since the day she admitted her mistake, Roxanne had not embarrassed her once.

In fact, it made her feel even more ashamed of the things she had done in the past. How stupid I was!

As she sampled the cake, Roxanne praised Sonya’s culinary skills once more. The children, too, were enjoying themselves.

After she was done, Roxanne returned upstairs to retrieve a set of clothes from her walk-in closet that she had bought for Sonya.

She had prepared it beforehand and planned to gift it once she obtained her marriage certificate. “I hope you like this set of clothes, Mom.

It should fit you. Why don’t you try it on?” Sonya took the clothes with trembling hands. She was so touched that her eyes became misty.

“All right. I’ll go upstairs to try it on. This is just the style I like!” Roxanne was surprised that such affordable clothes could make Sonya so happy.

Ah well, people are complicated. In the past, Sonya wouldn’t have shown any interest in anything I bought for her.

Soon after, Sonya descended the stairs wearing the new clothes. It fitted her perfectly and accentuated her beauty.

After all, Sonya was once considered the most beautiful woman in her socialite circle. “It suits me well!

You have such good taste, Roxanne,” Sonya praised. “You flatter me. I don’t think I have a good eye for fashion! Tell me if you’re not happy with it, and I’ll
exchange it for something else.”

“That’s not necessary. I like this very much.” With both sides on good terms, many unnecessary problems were avoided.

When Lucian woke up, Roxanne went upstairs to show off her gift, then prepared to head for the research institute after kissing him goodbye.

Although she knew everybody in the research institute would be at her beck and call, she intended to discuss Elektra’s partnership proposal with them and see if there were any avenues she had yet considered. Meanwhile, Sonya would send the children to the kindergarten.

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