Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1819

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1819 – No Need Smugly, Frieda asked her assistant to call Roxanne’s research institute and company to settle their
payments. I’m going to give her a headache and make her yield to me!

Soon after, her assistant entered her office with a smile. “We’ve received the payment, Ms. Queen.” Her assistant was delightfully waiting for Frieda to praise or reward her with a bonus.

However, Frieda’s expression darkened frightfully. “They did? Tens of millions? All of it?”

The assistant didn’t understand why her employer seemed upset that they had received the payment. Her smile faded as she nodded. “Yes, all of it.”

It was Frieda’s turn to be confused. I thought Roxanne would refuse to settle the payment. Her materials now cost more than ten million, after all.

No company would ignore such a price difference. Panickily, she gestured for her assistant to leave and immediately called Shawn.

After briefing him about the situation, she asked, “Lucian and Roxanne aren’t planning anything, are they?” Shawn remained silent for a while.

I didn’t expect this to happen. Usually, companies would express strong resistance when their suppliers suddenly raise the price.

Then, they’ll renegotiate their deal. So, what’s going on? Despite his thoughts, he reassured, “No need to panic. You’ve received the money, and these companies are now firmly in your grasp.

There’s nothing for you to be afraid of.” “Okay. I’ll meet you at the mansion tonight.” Frieda missed him.

“Okay.” Upon hanging up the call, Shawn kept thinking about his enemies’ plans. Not long after, he suddenly realized something.

Looking like a deflated balloon, he muttered, “It seems like I’ve lost this round.” During the afternoon, Jonathan carried out the plan Roxanne and Lucian had cooked up.

Since Frieda maliciously hiked the price, they opted to launch a price war. Their plan was simple and brutal.

They would offer higher prices than Frieda did to everyone. With that, the Queen family’s original suppliers were elated.

They stopped having crooked thoughts and started supplying a colossal number of medicinal herbs en masse.

Within minutes, all of Frieda’s efforts to gain the trust of those company owners were wiped away. During that evening, ten of the fourteen medicinal herbs company the Damaris family left behind requested to work with Jonathan.

By dinnertime, another three approached him. He accepted and signed a contract with all of them to adjust the price according to each quarter’s market.

After all, the price would only continue to rise for the latest quarter. When those bosses saw Jonathan’s proposed price, they immediately signed the contract without reading it.

After Lucian had dinner with his family, Jonathan called him to report the situation. “All fourteen companies under my sister’s control have signed a contract with me.

Based on my estimates, we’ll lose around two to three hundred million this quarter. However, they’re bound to expand production next quarter.

Thus, the prices will drop back down. As for the medicinal herb farmers, they won’t make too less money.

It’s my fault for letting this happen, which is why the Queen family will bear the losses.” Lucian smiled when he heard that.

Because his phone was in loudspeaker mode, Roxanne heard what Jonathan said, too.

Hence, she replied, “The Queen family doesn’t need to make up for the losses. I can license one of my research institute’s patents to pharmaceutical companies in Epea for around a billion. Once that deal goes through, I can allocate two hundred million from that earnings to cover the losses.”

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