Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1818

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1818 – Full Frontal Assault Inside Frieda’s office, a finance officer reported, “Due to the price hike, our expenses this month have vastly increased.

However, our clients have been settling their payments. Currently, our biggest client is Dr. Jarvis’ research institute and factory.

Once they pay us what they owe, our profit will increase even further!” Once he ended his sentence, Frieda swiftly signed the necessary documents and gestured for him to leave.

Not long after, Shawn entered the office with a bouquet of red roses, which he promptly presented to her.

Frieda was on cloud nine when she saw that. Hastily, she stood and pounced toward him.

“You shouldn’t do that in your office, considering you only have a frosted glass partition here. People outside can figure out the gist of what we’re doing inside.” Grinning, he put the roses down and promptly hugged her waist.

“I don’t care. In fact, I’m willing to announce to everyone that you’re my man!” At that moment, she was wholly immersed in the bliss of her romance.

I’m enamored with this bad boy. He was the one who taught me to raise the purchase price and slowly draw the owners of those medicinal herbs companies toward me.

At the same time, I’m also creating an obstacle for Roxanne. Now that the cost of the raw materials has been raised, her wish to sell her medicine at a low price will never be realized.

I’ve accomplished something that Jack couldn’t! It’s all according to Shawn’s plan. Even Lucian can’t control the price of the medicine now.

How can he when everyone on the supply chain is making more money? “You’ve been doing well lately!

I got some free time today, so after you get off work, I’ll bring you to a fancy restaurant for dinner together.”

Shawn was delighted with how obsessed she was with him. He always had a magical charm to make the women who fell for him do everything he wanted, even to their own detriment.

“Okay. Wait for me. I’ll be done soon.” Gleefully, she kissed him. After he left her office, he exited the building and entered a Bentley.

With a sneer, he picked up his phone and sent a name list to his assistant before calling the latter. “I want you to contact every client on the list.

Tell them they’ll earn twenty percent more profit than from Farwell Group. I don’t believe they don’t like money!”

However, his assistant hesitated. “All of them, Mr. Crawford? Don’t you think that’s too ambitious? What if someone reports it to Lucian?”

Shawn assured confidently, “I doubt it! This is just a normal quotation process. I bet many other companies have done the same with them.

Even if they refuse, they won’t expose it lest they risk driving themselves into a corner.” In the end, his assistant launched his planned full-frontal

Adrune, Archulea, and Epea were Farwell Group’s most significant export locations, which Shawn planned to deal with one by one.

His backers consisted of not only eager families from the north but also many losers in the south, who were ruthlessly suppressed by Farwell Group.

All of them very much wished Farwell Group would collapse as soon as possible. “It’s finally almost time to settle our families’ grudges, Lucian.

This time, I’ll defeat you!” The look in Shawn’s eyes turned sharp.

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