Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1816

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1816 – Sudden Price Hike During the night, Roxanne chatted plenty with Madilyn until the latter fell asleep.

After that, Roxanne felt a slight pain coming from her abdomen. It was about time for her period. It greatly discomforted her every time.

As a result, she often had to bear the pain while working. She thought Lucian had fallen asleep, but to her surprise, he left the kitchen with a cup of sweet ginger ale and served it to her.

“Drink this first. When you’re done, I’ll give you a foot massage. What do you think?” Roxanne was slightly stunned.

While I’m surprised to see him being so gentle since he usually has a stern and cold demeanor as the CEO of Farwell Group, I’m nonetheless touched by his act.

After she grabbed the cup, he told her to wait a bit before blowing at the liquid inside until the temperature cooled down.

Then he left to fetch a basin of water. As she drank the sweet ginger ale, she felt the pain in her abdomen dissipating. Why is this sweeter than honey?

I think I understand now why Madilyn was complaining so much earlier and said Jonathan must’ve had some sort of psychological barrier after comparing him with Lucian.

She couldn’t help but smile as she thought about how lucky she was. Upon returning with a basin of water, Lucian asked her to sit properly, tested the water temperature, and massaged her feet.

“Once you’re done, I’ll help do the same, too.” Roxanne felt pleasantly surprised to receive that treatment, which spurred her to show him just what a kind wife she was.

“I don’t need it since I don’t have periods. Besides, your legs turned stiff after standing around in the research institute every day.

Massaging your foot like this can relieve fatigue and prevent your veins from swelling, right?” In response, she nodded. He’s correct.

I still can’t believe this is happening because he’s acting so lovely right now. The next morning, after Roxanne sent her children to kindergarten, she prepared to head toward the research institute.

It was then Linda called her. “When I checked the institute’s account earlier, I noticed something’s wrong with the price of our raw materials, Dr. Jarvis.

Our costs suddenly skyrocketed! I continued investigating the matter and discovered the Damaris family’s medicinal herbs suppliers had hiked the price for those materials! The purchasing department didn’t notify me of the matter in time!”

Furrowing her eyebrows, Roxanne asked, “How much did the price increase?” I thought the Queen family bought the Damaris family’s medicinal herbs suppliers. There’s no way Jonathan would suddenly increase the price.

“It was increased by at least fifty percent! Some even went up to two hundred percent of their original cost!

The price for our latest medicine will be too low to cover our cost in this case! We’ll be losing money!” Stifled rage and anxiety could be heard in Linda’s voice. “

I see. In that case, I want you to sort out the materials that had their price increased and create a price comparison. Send the results to my phone.

I’ll ask about what’s happening instead of returning to the research institute first.” Upon ending the phone call, Roxanne pondered for a few moments.

Does Lucian know about this? Hmm, I don’t think it’s a good idea to ask him about it in his company. I guess I’ll call him first and ask him to meet up with me somewhere else.

Hence, she briefly told Lucian about the situation over the phone and asked him to meet her at a café near Farwell Group.

When he arrived, she had also received the files Linda had sent her, so she immediately showed them to him.

Right after he briefly read through the documents, he frowned. Something’s not right! I asked the Queen family to purchase those companies to better control the supply and price. They’re no different from Jack if they hike up the price so suddenly. “Don’t worry. I’ll ask Jonathan about it.”

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