Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1815

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1815 – Vomit Bag After the driver arrived, Jonathan carefully helped Madilyn into the car.

He immediately went to the trunk and took out a vomit bag, preparing for the worst. Although the woman felt dizzy, she was still conscious.

She could not help but admire the man’s meticulousness. Once Jonathan got into the car, he handed the bag to Madilyn and instructed the driver, “Drive slower and don’t swerve too much.”

Next, he shifted his position to keep an appropriate distance from Madilyn. He sat upright and looked out the window as if he had nothing to do with her.

Madilyn finally understood why such a handsome and eligible man was still single. She began to lose her sobriety as she had consumed too much alcohol in her moment of joy.

A few seconds later, she closed her eyes and appeared to have fallen asleep. Jonathan took a quick glance and noticed that her head was slipping and tilting, although her eyes remained closed.

“Ms. Xander, are you asleep?” he asked. By then, Madilyn was in a half-conscious state. She felt uncomfortable because her head had nowhere to rest.

Hence, she really wished that the man would let her lean on his shoulder, but he remained indifferent.

As she drifted to sleep again, her body slid toward Jonathan; her head accidentally fell on his shoulder.

She was somewhat aware and felt that she was still in an uncomfortable position. Hence, her head involuntarily moved toward Jonathan.

Unexpectedly, the man used his other hand to support her head. Madilyn suddenly woke up because the man’s hand was forcefully lifting her head away from his shoulder.

“Ms. Xander, wake up, don’t fall asleep! It’s easy to cause vomiting like this!” Jonathan’s voice was low and gentle.

Feeling utterly speechless, Madilyn shifted away from him and sat upright. This man is difficult to deal with!

She sighed inwardly and gradually fell asleep again. After the car pulled up at the accommodation, Jonathan immediately got out to help her out of the car.

However, this time, Madilyn had become quite sober and got out of the car by herself. “Thank you, Mr. Queen, for the vomit bag!”

With a flushed face, she handed the bag to the man with a hint of resentment. She then quickly stomped into the residential area.

Jonathan rubbed his nose in confusion when he saw the look of annoyance on her face. Was the air conditioning too cold just now?

As Jonathan watched Madilyn walking away, he called Lucian to inform him that he had successfully escorted the woman home.

“Okay, good job. Is there any further development?” Lucian asked casually. “What development? No, I just followed your instructions and sent Ms. Xander home,” Jonathan replied seriously.

Lucian was stunned for two seconds before nodding. “Okay, that’s it then!” As soon as he hung up the phone, Roxanne’s phone rang.

It was Madilyn calling. “Roxanne, can you believe it? As soon as I got in the car, he gave me a vomit bag! Oh my goodness!

Not a hangover pill, not water, but a vomit bag! Roxanne, am I doomed? Do I deserve this?” Madilyn ranted angrily.

Roxanne was amused. She never thought that Jonathan could be so clueless. In the past, she thought Jonathan was too busy developing and strengthening the Queen family to be bothered with love affairs. It seemed that it was not the case!

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