Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 176

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 176 – Despite being busy at work, Lucian would show up at Roxanne‘s door every day.

His mind kept replaying the scene where Roxanne met Larry and how she questioned him harshly. After their argument, Roxanne even suggested he
bring Estella back with him. Thus, Lucian only dared to observe the four of them from afar instead of showing up before Roxanne.

Estella was becoming livelier day by day. Lucian assumed it was because she adored Roxanne. He had n o idea she was starting to talk now.
Meanwhile, Aubree appeared at the Farwell Group‘s building when it was time to get off work. “I‘m sorry, Ms. Pearson.

Mr. Farwell just left.” Cayden reminded her when he saw her pressing the elevator button to head to the CEO‘s office. He had just
got off work. Hearing that, Aubree knitted her brows. “Where is he?” Cayden shot her a professional smile.

“I don‘t know his schedule after work. If you‘re curious, you‘re welcome to call him and ask him where he is.” He gave her a polite bow and turned to leave. When the elevator doors slid shut before her, Aubree bit her lip. A wave of fury crashed through her.

Even though Lucian humiliated her in public and made her the laughingstock of the upper– class society, she refused to give up just yet. These few days, she didn‘t stop contacting Lucian in hopes that he would change his mind.

If Lucian were to change his mind and confirm their wedding date, the rumors would be scotched.
That was the only way. There was nothing else she could do to turn the tables for now.,

Aubree was bitterly disappointed after her constant tries to contact bim were met with cold rebukes. After the incident at the birthday party, Lucian didn‘t bother comforting the Pe arson family. Instead, he got all wrapped up in Roxanne.

There was no need to call Lucian, for Aubree knew he was obviously with that wicked woman. With that thought in mind, Aubree pushed the elevator button and marched out. Back at the Pearson residence, she saw Samuel and Gina in the living room.

When she came in, they were about to ask whether she got to meet Lucian when they noticed her expression. Comprehension dawned on them. “Lucian isn‘t around again?” For the past few days, Aubree and her parents tried to meet Lucian but to no avail.

The man refused to spare them any time. Aubree went to him a few times, but he refused her entry. Infuriated, Aubree tossed her bag to the
floor. “It‘s all that btch‘s fault! What exactly is so great about her?” Gina frowned.

“Did Lucian go to her again?” Aubree plopped into the seat next to them furiously. “Duh! Everyone‘s saying that he‘s going to marry Roxanne. I‘m just a gold– digger who clings to him shamelessly. He doesn‘t even want me even if I offer him everything!”

ina and Samuel shared a look, They had heard this rumor, too. However, just like Aubree, they assumed the rumor would be scotched once Lucian agreed to the wedding. Alas, things weren‘t going their way. Gina patted Aubree‘s back in a comforting manner.

“No matter what, we‘ll get his explanation soon. Calm down.” | “You‘re asking me to calm down? If we wait any longer, that btch will marry him soon!” Aubree declared as a crazed look appeared on her face. Despite her fury, Gina remained calm. “

What Lucian wants may not be what the Farwells want. Didn‘t you see how his mother held a prejudice toward that woman previously?” she reminded Aubree. Aubree calmed down slightly. “Are you saying that…” “Let‘s pay the Farwell residence a visit,” Gina stated coolly.

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