Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1745

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1745 – I Am Perfectly Fine Now “Where’s Jack? Tell him to come out here and provide us with an explanation!”

The crowd surrounded Kevin, pressing for Jack’s whereabouts. Kevin supported Hector with difficulty while trying to think of ways to calm the others around him.

“Mr. Damaris is waiting for all of you at Damaris Group. Please head there now while I send Old Mr. Damaris to the hospital.”

Everyone didn’t doubt Kevin’s words. In addition, they felt it was inappropriate for them to keep blocking the way since Hector had fainted.

After watching Kevin leave, they made their way to Damaris Group angrily. The Damaris family’s century-old business had abruptly fallen apart overnight.

Jonathan arched his brow at Lucian after seeing that news. “Will you go in and visit Roxanne now? She’s been looking for you ever since she regained consciousness.”

Lucian was barely satisfied with that outcome. He schooled his features and dispelled his hostile aura before opening the door and stepping inside the room.

Hearing the movements at the door, everyone looked over. Upon noticing the newcomer, Linda whispered, “Mr. Farwell is here.”

Of all those present, only she was unaware of what was going on. Madilyn glanced at the man at the door. Then, she looked at her best friend and held the three kids’ hands while smiling. “

Let’s go. I’ll take you out to enjoy some delicious food. You three must be starving after being busy all night, right?”

The children nodded sensibly and giggled discreetly at their father. Peregrine also excused himself afterward.

Everyone tacitly left the room to allow the couple some time alone. Pin-drop silence lingered in the air as they gazed at each other from afar.

“Where were you?” Roxanne was the first to break the silence. A worried look spread across her countenance. Lucian moved forward and sat beside her.

He scrutinized her solemnly for a few moments, seemingly assessing her body’s condition. Roxanne smiled at him and said gently, “I’m fine now.

The specialists already performed a physical examination on me, and so did Old Mr. Lomax. I’ll fully recover after resting for a couple more days.”

Only after listening to her words did Lucian relax completely. Tenderness filled his eyes as he spoke.

“Archie and Benny used to say you’re the best doctor in the world. I thought they were exaggerating, but now it seems to me they were right.”

Roxanne couldn’t help but laugh. “Archie said the same thing earlier. You two are really in sync.” Lucian raised his brows indifferently. “

There’s indeed nothing wrong with our remark. If it weren’t for your exceptional medical skills, I might’ve lost the love of my life, so I truly wish to thank you.”

From addressing her as his wife to referring to her as the love of his life, Roxanne noticed Lucian had become more straightforward in the way he expressed his affection for her.

Hearing that term of endearment, she couldn’t help but fall into a daze for a few seconds. Then, she blushed and lowered her head sheepishly.

Fear continued to linger in his chest as he looked at the woman before him. He muttered in a deep voice, “It’s true. I was so close to losing you…”

Now that he thought about it, every encounter they shared was initiated by Roxanne, including the times when they first got married and their reunion after six years.

In the past two life-and-death situations, she was also the one who did her best to save herself and stay by his side.

Intense guilt surged within him as those thoughts crossed his mind, rendering him at a loss for what to do.

As the man was silent, she looked up at him in bafflement. When their eyes met and Roxanne noticed the emotions swirling in Lucian’s eyes, her heart shuddered.

She thought he was still troubled after being worried about her for the past few days, so she reached out to caress his face. “Don’t be scared. Look. I’m perfectly fine now, aren’t I?

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