Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1744

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1744 – Passed Out On The Spot “Calm down, everyone. What’s going on?”

Hector could vaguely guess that Jack had caused some trouble. Still, that matter concerned Damaris Group, so he chose to step in ultimately.

Seeing Hector stepping up, the crowd toned down their anger to show their respect. “Old Mr. Damaris, this matter has nothing to do with you.

Please have Jack come and speak to us.” Everyone was well aware of Hector’s character after his many years of involvement in the medical field.

Many of those present had even been on the receiving end of Hector’s kindness, so they didn’t want to distress him.

Hector glanced around the living room and noticed that the crowd comprised mainly superintendents of companies that had business relations with Damaris Group.

Some of them had collaborated with Damaris Group for many years, but even they were visibly enraged. That observation further agitated Hector.

He forced himself to stay calm before pressing on, “Jack isn’t here at the moment. Why don’t you tell me what exactly happened?

If he did something wrong, I hereby apologize to all of you on behalf of Damaris Group.” Everyone exchanged glances.

Nevertheless, the silence merely prevailed for a few minutes. The room erupted in a commotion again when the crowd realized Hector had no intention of calling Jack out.

“Old Mr. Damaris, let’s hear your take on this. Our companies cooperated with Damaris Group for so many years because we had faith in you and believed in Damaris Group’s stable and long-term growth.

But look at what’s happening now! After this disastrous incident, all the money I invested has gone to waste!”

“This is all thanks to your grandson’s doing! Everyone now despises Damaris Group. Under such circumstances, can we still receive the remaining balance Jack promised us? The project is already nearing its completion!” Disastrous incident? Despised by everyone?

Listening to their questions, Hector felt dizzy and utterly panicky. “W-What is going on? What happened to Damaris Group?”

Taking in Hector’s pale face, most people couldn’t bear to continue and fell silent. However, there were still others who prioritized their personal interest above all else. One of them immediately revealed Damaris Group’s predicament.

“Damaris Group is now involved in a lawsuit, and I heard the police have seized the company’s warehouses.

The supply of medicine will certainly be disrupted tomorrow. Also, Damaris Group’s stock price has plummeted. All of these happened because of Jack!”

Colors drained from Hector’s face. “That unfilial son! I’ve told him to stay out of Damaris Group’s operation. I warned him early on t-to…”

At that point, he swept his eyes across the others inside the living room and caught himself in the end.

He had no doubt it was Lucian’s retaliation that caused Damaris Group’s downfall. If these people discover that Damaris Group is not only caught in a tight spot but has also offended Farwell Group, they will undoubtedly cease all partnerships with Damaris Group.

Hector couldn’t speak of that matter despite the agony in his heart. He could only regret his decision inwardly.

It was all my fault for making this poor judgment in the past. Why did I fail to discern Jack’s greediness and ruthlessness?

It was I who personally handed Damaris Group over to Jack. I am responsible for Damaris Group’s current pathetic state.

Remorse churned within Hector’s chest at that instant. He had many heart conditions, to begin with. As extreme grief and anger washed over him, he failed to catch his breath and passed out on the spot.

Kevin arrived in time to witness Hector collapsing. He rushed over to help him up. “It’s him! He’s Jack’s assistant!”

someone shouted after identifying Kevin. Subsequently, pandemonium reigned in the living room.

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