Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 174

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 174 – The next morning, Roxanne and the three kids had breakfast together
Estella sat beside her quickly and allowed the boys to feed her. Fleer cheeks pulled up adorably as though she were a chipmunk.

Roxanne felt her heart soften at the sight of the obedient little girl. She also felt bad for her. I believe Essie wanted to talk last night. With that thought in mind, she gazed at Estella affectionately. “Essie, do you want some buns?” Estella nodded eagerly.

Roxanne picked up a bun but didn‘t place it on Estella‘s plate. She said, “If you want, tell me in words.” Estella blinked, seemingly stumped by her request.
Roxanne‘s brows furrowed in disappointment. “If you don‘t talk, I might not understand what you want.

That way, I’ll worry that I can‘t take care of you. Essie, can you get used to talking? Don‘t worry, I‘ll help you. We can do it slowly.”
Hearing her words, Archie and Benny placed their forks down. “Let‘s do it together! We want to hear Essie talk, too!“.

As their expectant gazes fell on Estella, she glanced at each and every one of them. Her fists balled up as she forced herself to grunt, “Mm!”
Roxanne and the boys were pleasantly delighted by her soft and adorable voice. Their eyes lit up in surprise.

I was just trying my luck and didn‘t expect Estella to talk for real! Despite wanting more, Roxanne knew she shouldn‘t be
impatient. She stroked Estella‘s hair adoringly before placing the bun on her plate.

Stellation n to learn that she could tack, 100. She was still bearing jovially when Roxanne opedihemi olla lie kindergarten
“Essie, your in a jovial mood today, huh?” lippy remarked when she saw Expeller’s precious grin.

Estella beamed at her and nodded happily, Benny chimed in, “We‘re helping her to learn how to talk!”
Pippa assumed they were joking around. After all, she had taught Estella for some use but never heard Estella talk.

However, Archie and Benny took the matter seriously. They were even discussing how to push Estella to talk during class.
In between classes, Estella went to them as usual so they could play together.

Nevertheless, Archie wasn‘t his usual self. He frowned and demanded, “What do you want from us?” Puzzled, Estella whipped her head around to look at Benny. I want to play with Archie and Benny! We play together every day, right? Benny added sternly,

“Hurry up and tell us what you want. Archie and I are busy!” Both of them were obviously treating her coldly. Estella recalled how she followed them everywhere back when they first came and how they ignored her.

She really enjoyed playing with them recently, so she grew flustered and grabbed the pencil and paper on Benny‘s table so she could write her thoughts out. To her surprise, Archie pocketed the pencil.

“Talk to us. Otherwise, we won‘t know what you mean.”

Estella gripped the corner of the desk sadly. “Didn‘t you promise Mommy this morning that you‘ll learn how to talk slowly?” Benny gazed at her
. “If you can‘t talk, you can call our names. We‘ve been calling your name, Essie, but you‘ve never said our names!”

Estella parted her lips but nothing came out of her mouth. She grew anxious and was about to burst into tears.

Seeing that, Archie and Benny gave her the pencil instead of forcing her to talk.

However, for the next few days, the two boys grew distant from her at home and at the kindergarten. Every time Estella came to them, Benny would huff angrily, “We treated you well, but you wouldn‘t even call our names! We‘re going to ignore you!”

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