Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 173

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 173 – “I‘m sorry. Something came up at night, so I couldn‘t fetch you, Ilave you calo
n yet?” Roxanne asked gently in concern as she released the three children.

Archie, Benny, and Estella nodded obediently. “Yeah! We‘ve eaten! We have been playing for a long time!”
She secretly sighed with relief when she heard that. After that, she stood up. “What were you playing? Show me.”

Benny dashed toward the living room excitedly. “We were playing with the Le go bricks that Mr. Farwell gave us! It‘s really fun!” On the other hand, Archie and Estella stayed by Roxanne‘s side. She was holding hands with the children, with one at each side as she watched Benny with a smile on her face.

Obviously, the Lego bricks that Lucian had given them met their expectations in terms of the design and level of difficulty, and they loved the gift.
In just one night, the three children had already made a base.

However, no matter how Roxanne looked at it, that Lego set seemed boyish to her. She looked at Estella with concern in her eyes. “Essie, do you like this toy?” Estella‘s eyes lit up as she nodded fervently. As long as I can play with Archie and Benny, I‘m fine with playing anything!

Seeing that, Roxanne felt relieved. After taking a look at the time, she played with them for a while more since it was still early.
Archie and Benny were used to playing Lego with her, so each of them starte d to build their models seriously.

Roxanne also decided to make something after she selected a model. When she was looking for a piece, she felt someone lug the hem of her sunt twice. Roxanne turned around in confusion and saw Estella looking at her with a pitful and helpless look.

The little girl was holding a picture with the building instructions as she pointed at one of the pieces in it. It was obvious that she couldn‘t find the piece she wanted Roxanne smiled in adoration.

Just as she was about to help Estella look for the piece together, she remembered how the latter had spoken last time.
If Roxanne had guessed it correctly, Estella would only occasionally utter one or two words when she was emotional.

Thinking of that, Roxanne pretended to look confusedly at Estella. “What‘s wrong?” Estella pointed at the piece
in the picture again and again, but Roxanne continued to stare at her in confusion.

After some time, Estella got anxious and pouted. Roxanne‘s heart softened at that, and she caressed Estella‘s head. “If you w
ant me to do something, you should say it out loud and tell me.” Estella blinked innocently as she opened her mouth.

Roxanne thought that she was about to say something, so she looked at the l attar expectantly. Estella seemed to be trying hard, but after a few attempts, not a single word came out of her mouth. Feeling discouraged, she poked Archie and Benny, who were concentrating on building their models.

Since Archie and Benny had spent some time building the models together with Estella, they could tell what she meant based on her movements. When th
ey wanted to help her out, they saw that Roxanne was shaking her head at them behind Estella.

Seeing that, Archie and Benny obediently sat back down again despite not knowing what Roxanne was trying to do.
Roxanne said again patiently, “Essie can speak, right? Come on. Tell us. What do you want us to do?”

Archie and Benny understood her intentions and nodded in response. “Essie, what‘s the matter?” All three of them looked at Estella expectantly.
Estella sensed their anticipation, so she tried hard to speak until her face flushed red, but still, no words came out of her mouth.

After some time, she began to panic and felt aggrieved. Soon, her eyes reddened. Roxanne had been observing Estella‘s expression the entire time. Seeing that, she quickly caressed Estella‘s cheeks and apologized, “I‘m sorry, Essie.

I was rushing things. Let‘s take it slow, Essie. Shhh… Don‘t cry. Don‘t cry.” Meanwhile, Archie and Benny had already found the piece that Estella
wanted from the pile of Lego pieces, and they happily showed it to her with their outstretched hands.

“Essie, look! Is this what you wanted? We found it for you!” She took it from them with a sniffle before she smiled again gradually

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