Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1731

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1731 – Marriage Registration In the ward, the specialists were all too busy to greet Lucian.

Roxanne was in critical condition, and the specialists couldn’t stop her blood vessels from hardening.

If her veins were to rupture, she could die. Upon seeing the situation in the room, Lucian didn’t dare to approach the bed. Instead, he could only watch
Roxanne from afar.

Roxanne looked as pale as a sheet, and her lips looked as though they were completely drained of blood. With her fringe soaked in beads of cold sweat, she looked so weak and fragile.

Meanwhile, Jack was sitting in his office at Damaris Group, and his assistant was standing in front of him fearfully.

“What time is it now?” Jack asked in a cold tone. That was the third time Jack had asked for the time that night.

Kevin lifted his hand to check his watch before answering cautiously, “Mr. Damaris, it’s already ten.” “Ten…”

Jack narrowed his eyes, and his expression turned cold. That’s two hours until the day ends! By now, the effect of the drug on Roxanne’s body should have passed, and she should be suffering from severe pain now.

She’s going to die in two hours’ time! Is Lucian really not going to beg me for mercy?

Right then, Jack suddenly thought of something, and his expression darkened. “Did they perhaps develop the antidote?” he murmured to himself.

As soon as he said that, he shook his head. “That’s impossible. I spent so much time and did countless experiments formulating that poison. They can’t possibly create an antidote for it within a day! Even Roxanne can’t do that!”

Roxanne’s life was in danger. Jack knew she wouldn’t have the energy to develop the antidote. Those bunch of idiots Lucian found don’t have the capability to do it. The only possibility is that Lucian and Roxanne are still foolishly trying to fight this!

Jack sneered, “Let’s see how long you guys can afford to wait!” He raised the bottle of solution in his hand and looked at it with satisfaction.

As long as Lucian comes to beg me today, Roxanne will have an even harder time developing the antidote. After all, I’ve added so many substances in the formula that slow down the poison!

Jack’s mood lightened up after he stared at the solution for a while longer. He then glanced at Kevin and asked, “Any progress regarding the matter I asked you to investigate?”

Jack had ordered Kevin to investigate Lucian’s marriage after his phone call with Roxanne in the morning. If Lucian dares to play tricks on me with that matter, he’s surely going to do the same for the other two matters!

Kevin dropped his head even lower and replied weakly, “Well, Mr. Farwell… I couldn’t find the records of Mr. Farwell’s marriage registration at the City Hall. The Lane family also hasn’t responded yet.”

In other words, that marriage certificate was most likely a fake. “He lied to me!” Jack tightened his grip on that bottle of solution, his face flushed with anger. “How about those ten subsidiary companies? Have they done the transfer procedures?”

Kevin was so afraid Jack would take his anger out on him that he desperately wished for the ground toswallow him up. “Not yet.

They said Mr. Farwell must show up in person. However…” I’ve been conned! The atmosphere in the office became extremely tense all of a sudden.

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