Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1730

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1730 – What Are You Here For Lucian hung up the phone straightaway.

In the hospital, Zayne was panicking and at a loss. In the laboratory, Benny and Estella seemed to have sensed something was amiss.

They quickly gripped Lucian’s shirt and asked, “Daddy, what happened to Mommy?” His eyes darkening, Lucian replied, “Nothing.

That call was regarding work. Stay here with Mr. Queen. I have to go to the office.” Jonathan, Benny, and Estella were filled with doubt when they heard that.

Jonathan, especially, could tell that something was wrong by the look on Lucian’s face, and his heart sank. Lucian passed Benny and Estella to him and walked out of the laboratory.

“Lucian!” Jonathan chased after Lucian. Lucian was walking so fast that he reached the end of the corridor when Jonathan was just about to go after him.

Seeing that, Jonathan turned around and said to the kids, “Stay here. I have something to say to yourdaddy.”

With that, he dashed toward the corner of the corridor. Lucian had obviously heard Jonathan, but he had no intention of stopping.

In desperation, Jonathan had no choice but to grab Lucian’s arm. “Lucian, calm down. It’s not the time to look for Jack yet!”

Lucian turned around to gaze at Jonathan with a grim expression and said calmly, “I’m going to the hospital to check things out.

Help me keep an eye on the situation here. Call me if something comes up.” Jonathan loosened his grip when he heard that.

If he’s only going to the hospital, that means… “Unless there are no other options, you mustn’t look for Jack! No one knows what he’s plotting against you guys!” Jonathan reminded worriedly. “I know.”

Only then did Jonathan let go of Lucian’s arm, watch Lucian leave the research institute, and go back to calm the kids down.

Upon leaving the research institute, Lucian sped toward the hospital. Along the way, Zayne’s hesitant words filled his mind, and he felt restless.

After some time, Lucian finally arrived at entrance of the hospital. He floored the brakes and rushed into the hospital without bothering to lock the car door.

With his unsteady steps, he made his way out of the elevator and walked toward the ward. “Mr. Farwell,” Zayne greeted.

The specialists had already helped to relieve Roxanne’s pain. Since there was nothing Zayne could do, he could only wait outside the ward anxiously.

When Zayne saw Lucian, he could feel the temperature in the corridor plummeting, and he couldn’t help shivering.

Lucian glanced at the ward before landing his gaze on Zayne. “How is she?” Zayne lowered his head and said cautiously, “The specialists are trying to come up with solutions.

I’m not too sure about her current—” Before he could finish his sentence, he was grabbed by the collar.

“You’re not sure? What are you here for, then?” Lucian exuded a malevolent aura, looking like a devil from hell. “Once this is over, I think you should resign!”

Zayne was so intimidated that he was gasping for air. While his legs were trembling, he stammered, “M-Mr. Farwell, perhaps you should check on Mrs. Farwell first…

She’s—” “I don’t need you to tell me that!” Lucian tossed the hospital director aside and strode into the ward.

The moment he entered the ward, he became calm again as if he was afraid of disturbing the person inside.

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