Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1713

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1713 – Lower Head A troubled look surfaced on Roxanne’s countenance. “Are you even still familiar with the lab equipment?”

nov.elxo I’m certain Jonathan has been the person in charge of Queen Group for the past few years. It’s likely been a long while since he touched anything related to Queen Group’s research on medicinal herbs.

I’m not willing to take risks at this critical moment. Embarrassed, Jonathan rubbed his nose. “How about I ask a trustworthy employee in my company to do it?”

She shook her head. “No, I still want to do it myself. I can’t trust others to pull it off. You understand me, don’t you?”

Upon hearing that, he nodded. “I do. It concerns your life, after all. Naturally, you want to be meticulous about it. However…”

He carefully glanced at Lucian. Based on his expression alone, I can tell he won’t let her go.

“Jack was confident no one could crack his formulae, which means he must’ve done something special when synthesizing it!

I’ve been working with him for a long time, nov.elxo so only I know how to figure it out!” Turning to Lucian, she pleaded sincerely, “If we submit to him tonight, there’ll be a next time.

We can’t allow him to keep acting arrogantly like that! We must end this today!” Of course, Lucian understood her reasoning.

However, he cared more about keeping her alive. After staying silent for a long while, Peregrine spoke up. “Before we create the antidote, you should stay on the bed and avoid wearing yourself down.”

In response, a dejected look swirled in Roxanne’s eyes. “But…” Is there even anyone who can see through Jack’s trick except me?

No, I must go. There’s not much time left. “If you insist on tiring yourself, you may trigger the poison ahead of time.

When that happens, there won’t be enough time to save you, even if you ask Jack for the antidote.” A serious expression formed on his face.

“You should know you mustn’t move when your blood vessels are hardening!” Lucian was astonished to hear that. Roxanne knew what would happen if she forced herself to leave the bed, yet she still wanted to follow through with her plan.

Upon pressing Roxanne’s shoulder with his hand, he stared at her with a resolute look. No matter what,nov.elxo I won’t let her leave the bed!

In response, she lowered her head in guilt. “I just think I can develop the antidote before the poison activates.

That way—” His cold voice interrupted her. “Did it occur to you that you’re gambling with your life right now?”

Resignedly, she raised her head to meet his eyes. “I don’t want us to live under Jack’s thumb.” I’m primarily worried about Lucian.

He was always an outstanding mon, never submitting to anyone else. However, because of me, he’s witling to sacrifice his marriage.

For six years, he never made any compromises on his marriage, yet… Just thinking about that makes me feel like I’m dragging him down. I can’t help but blame myself, and I don’t wont to see him defer to anyone for any reason.

At the same time, nov.elxo I don’t want any involvement with that two-faced Jock anymore! “I rather submit to Jack than let you die,” uttered Lucian as he grasped her hand.

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