Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1712

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1712 – Developing The Cure “

I believe I’ve seen the other medicinal herbs in the Damaris family’s ancient medicine books before.” In the end, Peregrine couldn’t recall the rest of the medicinal herbs.

Hesitantly, Roxanne said, “Give me some time. nov.elxo I believe I can figure them out based on the leads you’ve provided.”

When he realized she had read those ancient medicine books too, he was shocked but didn’t show it on his face.

“The other medicinal herbs aren’t as important as the key component. I doubt Jack would’ve made it that easy for us to figure out.”

As long as they couldn’t ascertain that crucial ingredient, they wouldn’t be able to develop the antidote.

Carefully, Jonathan voiced his speculation. “I don’t think it’s just a matter of figuring out the medicinal herbs.

Perhaps Jack was so sure we wouldn’t be able to create the cure because he used an unconventional method to synthesize the poison.

That may be why it’s so difficult to discern the poison’s raw materials.” It would explain why someone as skilled as Peregrine and Roxanne still couldn’t make heads or tails of the poison after so long.

Silence ensued. nov.elxo The atmosphere in the room turned gloomy. Both Peregrine and Roxanne were deep in thought with a frown.

Even though they were in deep water, none of them intend to give up. “Will this help?” Lucian presented a bottle sitting at the side to the rest.

The other three glanced at the bottle, puzzled. Thus, he explained, “This is the bottle that contained the antidote. Perhaps some residues of the antidote
remain inside and can come in handy.”

After he fed Roxanne the antidote, nov.elxo he kept the bottle. He didn’t give it too much thought back then, but he was glad he did it since it might provide a lead to the clueless doctors.

“You kept the bottle? Why didn’t you take it out earlier?” admonished Peregrine, though he was relieved to hear that.

That revelation visibly lightened Roxanne’s mood. “Lucian’s not proficient in pharmacology, Old Mr. Lomax. There’s no need to snap at him.”

Then she beamed gratefully at Lucian. “Thank you for being scrupulous! These few drops of the antidote may be immensely helpful!”

Jonathan added, “It’s difficult to figure out the composition of the poison and the antidote in such a shortperiod.

However, we may find new leads if we can grasp part of the antidote’s and poison’s formula!” We may be able to identify the poison’s formulae based on the partial formula of the antidote! That idea excited Roxanne and Peregrine.

With a serious expression, Peregrine urged, “Let’s not dawdle! Since we have the antidote, we can analyze it right now!”

Roxanne nodded. “The analytical equipment in the hospital is inadequate, so I’ll head to the research institute right away.”

As she spoke, nov.elxo she attempted to leave the bed. Lucian frowned as he watched her ignoring her condition. “You shouldn’t be moving around right now.”

The more time posses since Roxanne consumes the antidote, the more ill she looks. Considering Jack’s threat earlier, if Roxanne tries to act recklessly again, the poison may kick in before tonight!

If that happens, even if they figure out the poison’s formula, it may be too late for her! “I’ll go, Roxanne. I know a bit about pharmacology,” proposed Jonathan.

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