Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1625

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1625 – Answer My Call Five minutes later, Lucian arrived in the ward on the top floor.

By then, Roxanne was already wearing a hospital gown as she lay on the hospital bed with her pale face and purplish lips.

Needless to say, she looked fatally ill. Lucian was so heartbroken that he was having trouble breathing.

After standing by the bed for a long time, Lucian finally found the courage to ask, “Roxanne, can you hear me?”

He leaned over, enduring the pain in his heart, and touched Roxanne’s cheek. Of course, there was no response from Roxanne.

Lucian couldn’t help but check her breathing to make sure she was still alive. Unable to bear watching her in that state, he turned around to order the hospital director, “The moment those doctors arrive, send them to me immediately!”

The hospital director quickly assented. Lucian didn’t sleep that night. Instead, he was sitting beside the hospital bed and checking Roxanne’s breathing every ten minutes.

At five in the morning, a few cars arrived at the hospital with the doctors in them.

The group of renowned doctors didn’t have time to rest, either. Instead, they were immediately brought to Roxanne’s ward.

As soon as they entered, they were intimidated by the icy atmosphere in the ward. Lucian was seen rising to his feet and making room for the doctors.

Although he hadn’t said a word, his presence alone was intimidating enough. The doctors knew they would be in trouble if something were to happen to Roxanne.

Sensing that, the doctors were all acting with caution. However, no matter how they examined Roxanne, they came to the same findings as the doctors did the day before.

They just couldn’t find what was wrong with Roxanne. “You all are trash!” Lucian lost his cool. “Buzz off! From today onward, Farwell Group is going to stop
sponsoring your projects!”

Upon hearing those words, the doctors looked at each other. Everyone knew how wealthy the Farwell family was. Without the Farwell family’s financial support, it would be hard for them to take part in international medical projects.

Obviously, that was a tremendous blow for those renowned doctors. “Mr. Farwell, I think Mrs. Farwell’s condition is extremely unique.

Please give us more time to find out what’s going on,” an esteemed and elderly doctor voiced out. “I promise you nothing is going to happen to
Mrs. Farwell for the time being. She’s merely unconscious.”

“For the time being?” Lucian glanced at the doctor coldly before he asked bluntly, “How long is that going to be?

Will you be able to give me an exact time frame? Even if you can do that, how are you going to promise me Roxanne will be fine?”

The doctors were rendered speechless. The air in the ward felt as if it was frozen, and none of them dared to breathe out loud or leave.

Suddenly, the ringing of a phone broke the solemn silence in the ward. Everyone instantly glanced in the direction of the sound and saw Lucian’s phone, which was on the bedside table, ringing.

In an instant, everyone held their breath and waited to see who was dumb enough to call Lucian at that time.

Lucian picked up the phone. Right when he was about to reject the call, he saw the name on the caller ID. It was a call from Jack.

When Lucian saw the name, his heart sank, and he answered the call with a grim look on his face. “Mr. Farwell, I didn’t expect you to answer my call!

I thought—” On the other end of the call, Jack’s tone was respectful and disdainful at the same time. Indeed, it was a complicated tone of voice.

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