Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1624

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1624 – Nothing Out Of The Ordinary The hospital director was keeping Lucian company outside the emergency room, and he comforted Lucian by saying, “Mr. Farwell, all the best doctors in the city are here.

Mrs. Farwell is going to be fine!” Lucian ignored those words and kept staring at the light on top of the emergency room door.

At that moment, images of Roxanne’s face growing increasingly pale kept playing in his mind, and he felt utterly helpless.

I had to watch the woman I love fall unconscious, and there was nothing I could do. I don’t even know what happened to her!

This is the second time something like that has happened to her! The last time around, she almost couldn’t wake up. What’s going to happen this time?

If something bad were to happen to her… With that in mind, Lucian narrowed his eyes ferociously. If something happens to her, I’m going after Jack!

If Jack hadn’t made life difficult for her, Roxanne wouldn’t have overworked herself! None of this would’ve happened!

As he was boiling with rage, his phone suddenly rang. Lucian quickly composed himself. When he was about to reject the call, he saw it was a call from Pippa.

Oh! I meant to call Cayden and tell him to fetch the kids. However, Roxanne fainted, and I forgot about that. Lucian answered the call and uttered in a hoarse voice, “I’m sorry, Ms. Ward. Please look after the kids for a while more. I’ll get Cayden to fetch them.”

Naturally, Pippa readily agreed. After hanging up the phone, Lucian called Cayden and instructed him to fetch the kids.

“Mr. Farwell, what if the kids ask about Mrs. Farwell?” After what happened the last time around, Cayden felt he needed to get Lucian’s opinion.

Even if I need to lie to the kids later, I can tell myself that Mr. Farwell ordered me to do so. Lucian went silent for a moment and glanced at the red light.

In a deep voice, he answered, “Tell them Roxanne is going on a business trip, and I need to send her.”

Cayden hummed in agreement, hung up the phone, and rushed to the kindergarten. Meanwhile, Lucian kept his phone and tried his best to stay calm while standing outside the emergency room expressionlessly.

After some time, the door to the emergency room was finally pushed open. Lucian grabbed the doctor’s arm and asked coldly, “How did it go?

Is Roxanne awake?” The doctor was frightened by Lucian’s aura. Upon glancing at the hospital director, the doctor stammered, “N-Not yet…

We were about to do something to save her, but we found nothing wrong with Mrs. Farwell after we examined her…”

In other words, the doctor hadn’t done anything after keeping Roxanne inside for so long. “All of you are trash! Why didn’t you tell me earlier?

If something happens to Roxanne, I’m going after all of you!” Lucian fumed. The rest of the doctors who came out of the emergency room were all trembling with fright.

Right then, the hospital director stepped forward and consoled, “Mr. Farwell, I’ve already looked for the best doctors in the world as per your

They’re still on the plane and will be here early tomorrow morning at the latest.” “Tomorrow morning?” Lucian repeated.

The hospital director could not stop himself from shuddering and changed the topic by saying, “Mrs. Farwell has now been transferred to the ward on the top floor. Would you like to see her? Perhaps you can wake her up.”

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