Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1619

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1619 – As Soon As Possible Just as she was concerned about her hips, Lucian emerged from the shower, causing her heart to skip a beat.

“You should get some rest. The last two days have been exhausting.” Lucian came over and pecked her on her lips.

Before Roxanne could react, Lucian raised his brows slightly. “However, if you want it, I’m more than happy to satisfy you.”

His words caused Roxanne’s cheeks to burn as she tried to bury herself underneath the blanket.

Soon, when the sound of the hair dryer came to a stop, Lucian pulled up the sheets from another side. Upon getting into bed, he pulled her into his arms and fell into a deep slumber.

That night, both of them had a good night’s sleep. When Roxanne woke up the next morning, she felt fully reinvigorated.

It was then that Lucian received a call from Jonathan. As Lucian was still in the bathroom, Roxanne pondered a moment before deciding to pick up.

“Jonathan, what can I do for you so early in the morning?” A look of surprise flashed across Jonathan’s face when he heard her voice. “Roxanne?”

Before she could react, he asked tactfully, “Is this a bad time? Where’s Lucian?” Without thinking, Roxanne replied softly, “He’s showering. What is it?”

Showering? As his imagination began to run wild, Jonathan quickly suppressed his thoughts and explained earnestly, “I just wanted to let you know that the first batch of medicinal herbs has arrived. I’m currently at the port.

Do you want to come over to examine them?” The news surprised Roxanne. “That’s quick.” She had thought that it would take another two to three days.

Jonathan didn’t waste the opportunity to put in a good word for his good friend. “Lucian knew that you needed it urgently.

That was why he bought the first batch under his own name before the contract was signed. He wanted to make sure you received the supplies as soon as possible.”

Roxanne was naturally touched by the gesture. When Lucian coincidentally emerged from the bathroom, Roxanne intended to hand the phone over to him.

However, he shook his head and put it on speaker instead. Jonathan continued, “To be honest, Lucian expended much effort to get this batch of herbs for you.

His feelings for you are true, Roxanne. You must treasure him. It’s rare to find a man as wonderful as he is!”

Roxanne almost burst into laughter at Jonathan’s exaggeration. However, Lucian’s presence caused her to quickly suppress the urge to do so.

Lucian, who couldn’t bear to hear another word of it, barked, “Get to the point.” Jonathan paused abruptly before saying sheepishly, “I’ve already asked Roxanne if she wants to come down here. I’m currently waiting at the port.”

When Lucian turned to Roxanne, she related what Jonathan had told her earlier. “I’ll go over to check the goods. You send the children to kindergarten.”

Lucian had initially wanted to drive her to the port but decided against it when he thought about the children.

“In that case, I’ll pick you up in the evening.” Roxanne agreed with a smile.

After both of them had breakfast, Lucian dropped the children off at the kindergarten, while Roxanne headed to the port.

Jonathan, who had been waiting there, began complaining again the moment he saw her.

Both of them took stock of the medicinal herbs while making idle chatter with each other.

Once they were sure everything was in order, the next step was to send the herbs to the research institute.

There, they would be used in small batches to ensure that the final product was consistent with what was produced by Damaris Group.

After sending the medicinal herbs over, Jonathan took his leave, as the rest of the processes were considered industrial secrets.

Upon his departure, Roxanne threw herself back into her work.

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