Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1618

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1618 – Waiting For A Suitable Opportunity After dinner, the three children thoughtfully went aside to play.

Lucian had informed the manager in advance that the children would be coming along, so the latter had set up a play area that was filled with toys and games where the kids had a great time playing.

Meanwhile, Lucian and Roxanne admired the night view from the open-air rooftop. “Thank you.” Roxanne turned to Lucian and gave him a grateful look.

He cocked his brow in response, and a mischievous glint flashed across his eyes. “Is that all?”

Roxanne racked her brains for a moment. “We’ll have to give Mr. Queen a treat someday. As for you, I have not thought of what to get you as a gift.”

She obviously knew that a word of thanks wouldn’t be enough to satisfy him. Lucian hugged her from behind, trapping her between himself and the railing, before handing her a glass of red wine.

Roxanne proceeded to take it from his hand. “I don’t need any gifts.” Lucian’s voice rang out beside her ear.

“You have already given me what I wanted a long time ago.” He clinked his glass against hers. “If you really want to thank me…”

He then whispered something into her ear. Blushing all over, Roxanne turned around and pressed her wineglass against his lips as she protested, “I
need to rest!”

If I hadn’t known him well, I would have assumed that he spent the last few years gallivanting all over.

Otherwise, how did he end up with such a dirty mind? Having achieved his objective, Lucian took a sip from her wineglass and leaned in to feed her through his lips.

Roxanne was bedazzled by the sudden kiss. “Go ahead and get some rest today. We have plenty of opportunities in the future.”

After giving her a kiss, he brushed his finger across her lips. Upon regaining her senses, Roxanne wanted to return to their seats so as to put some distance between them.

However, Lucian put on his serious expression again. “That aside, when are you going to fulfill the promise you made to me?”

Roxanne hesitated. After a brief silence, she replied, “I was thinking of waiting for a suitable opportunity.”

Even though the concern on her face was obvious to Lucian, he had no idea what she was worried about.

Unable to bring himself to pressure her, he pulled her into his embrace. “It’s fine. I don’t mind waiting.”

After all, the air had been cleared after the press conference today. With a grateful smile, Roxanne wrapped her arms around his waist.

Both of them were subsequently locked in a warm embrace underneath the moonlight. Only when it was getting late did they head home together with the children.

After having a blast under the manager’s watchful eye, the three of them fell asleep the moment they got into the car.

When she saw how adorable the sleeping children were and Lucian’s serious expression while driving, Roxanne’s face brimmed with bliss.

She was more than satisfied with the life she currently had. The only outstanding matter was Sonya’s inability to accept her and her sons.

It seems that I have to work harder to make it happen! Soon, their car came to a stop at the door of the Farwell residence.

After carrying the children out of the car, Lucian and Roxanne carefully sent them back into their room.

All three of them were exhausted after the long day and didn’t wake up at all.

Only after the children were settled in that the two adults returned to their room. When Roxanne emerged from the shower and recalled Lucian’s words from the rooftop, a sense of reluctance descended upon her.

After how Lucian had ravaged her the night before and their exhausting session in the afternoon, she could still feel the soreness in her hips.

However, if Lucian insists…

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