Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1615

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1615 – A Pleasure To Work With You The news of the three organizations working together spread like wildfire.

In a mansion in the suburbs, Frieda was seated rigidly on the couch as she stared at Shawn’s back. The man was elegantly brewing coffee by the coffee machine.

A moment later, he brought the fresh coffee to her with a smile. “This is all thanks to you, Ms. Queen. It’s a pleasure to work with you.”

Frieda was momentarily struck dazed by his smile, but when she heard his words of thanks, she quickly flashed him a smile of her own and answered, “It’s nothing.

I only mentioned it to my brother. That’s all.” Frieda was the one who recommended the trading company that Jonathan contacted for Roxanne.

That company belonged to Shawn and was recommended to Frieda by Shawn himself before getting recommended to Jonathan.

Jonathan had been having trouble with finding a supplier back then, so when Frieda recommended the company to him, he only looked into it to make sure that the company was capable enough for the collaboration.

He did not go deep into his research, and he even praised Frieda for the recommendation.

Frieda gazed at Shawn in gratitude before saying, “I should be the one thanking you. With your recommendation, my brother is not that biased against me anymore.”

Shawn gave her another smile before sipping his coffee. His line of thought was different from Frieda’s.

He had thought that Frieda’s close relationship with Aubree meant that Jonathan would be suspicious when Frieda recommended to him the company.

However, it seemed that Jonathan did not have his guard up around his younger sister. With just a snap of his fingers, his company was now working with Queen Group.

In other words, he had established a relationship with the Farwell family. With that, anything he wanted to do would be much easier.

Shawn narrowed his eyes in satisfaction before putting down his cup and turning to Frieda. “What would you like for lunch?”

He shifted the topic to a more private one. Frieda froze for a few seconds before a blush crept onto her face. “I-I’m fine with anything.

Something simple would do.” Shawn smiled and nodded. “I’ll make the arrangements, then.” He then took out his phone to make a call.

Once he was done making the arrangements, he led Frieda to the car, and they headed to the city center. One had to admit that Shawn was a master at flirting.

It was a simple lunch, but somehow, he could make it seem romantic. Frieda knew that there was nothing between the two of them, but still, she felt as if they were on a date.

Shawn was delighted to see her flustered. He enjoyed the feeling of courting women. Women who easily responded to flirtations like Frieda made him feel accomplished.

Furthermore, once he won over Frieda’s heart, he would have even more ease in carrying out his plans in the future.

“Oh, yes. I can’t do nothing after you’ve helped me out so much,” Shawn started. “Other than the amount we’ve agreed on with Queen Group, I’ll give you ten percent of the profits every month. What do you think?”

Frieda was even more elated to hear that, but she kept her expression composed as she inclined her head.

Shawn smiled in satisfaction before pretending to sound regretful as he said, “I like your character, but I have some work matters to attend to, so I’ll have to be away for a period of time.” Frieda stiffened.

If he leaves, my plan will fall through! Right as she was gripped by disappointment, Shawn continued, “This is the key to the mansion.

I hope you can help me keep an eye on my mansion while I’m away. Also, I hope I won’t be a nuisance if I contact you.”

He made it seem as though there were some romantic feelings between the two of them.

Frieda froze for a few seconds before a joyous look appeared on her face as her heart skipped a beat. “I will. Don’t you worry.”

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