Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1614

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1614 – The Reputation Of The Damaris Family Jack was still unperturbed despite Hector’s wrath.

He said, “Grandpa, Dr. Jarvis was insistent about selling the new drug for a hundred and twenty per box.

I’m afraid no one will accept that price because that will not be a profiting deal.” When Hector heard that, his vision went dark, and he nearly passed out from his anger.

He did not expect the heir he handpicked to put such importance on profits. “Is the Damaris family short of that small amount of money?”

the elderly man asked as he held his chest and gasped for air.

Jack lowered his head and fell silent, but anyone could still tell what he was thinking about. He felt that the company would end up making losses, so it was not worth working with Roxanne.

A surge of disappointment washed over Hector as he looked at his grandson. “I chose you as the Damaris family’s heir because I thought you’d understand that the Damaris family’s reputation of a hundred years was made with the kindness of physicians, not the wealth of physicians.”

Jack answered gloomily, “I understand.” Hector glared at him again. “You do not! How many years has it been since the Damaris family develop a drug that can change many people’s lives?

We were close to developing a good drug by working with Roxanne, but you messed it up!” At that point, the press conference had reached its end.

Roxanne and the other two men had gone past the crowd of reporters with the bodyguards escorting them.

The collaboration had been set in stone. Knowing that there was no way to turn the tables anymore, Hector gave up.

He waved his hand dismissively and muttered, “Forget it. I think you’ve lost track of your initial aspiration.

Set aside your task in managing Damaris Group and work in pro bono medical consultations instead to get back your original aspiration.

I’ll get someone else to manage Damaris Group for now.” Jack’s heart lurched when he heard that, and he snapped his head upward to stare at Hector in disbelief.

Damaris Group has come so far today because of my hard work, but now Grandpa is kicking me aside just like this? How can I just accept this?

I haven’t even reached my goal yet!Suppressing the emotions bubbling in his chest, Jack lowered his head and apologized to Hector.

“ Grandpa, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have made this decision on my own, but I’m sure there’s a way to reverse this situation with Dr. Jarvis. Let me have another talk with her.”

Hector shook his head in disappointment. “It’s too late now. Didn’t you see that? The whole world now knows that Dr. Jarvis is working with Farwell Group and Queen Group.”

The Damaris family no longer had anything to do with the new drug her research institute developed.

All Hector could hope now was for the public not to know about how the Damaris family could not continue working with Roxanne because of conflicts in profit.

If the news about that were to spread, the Damaris family’s reputation might suffer.

“Close to a hundred types of medicinal herbs are involved in the new drug. There’s no way Roxanne could find replacements for all of them.

There must be at least a type that she hasn’t found a source for yet, so she’ll still have to work with Damaris Group!” Jack still refused to give up.

Hector did not see a point in wasting his breath on his grandson, so he waved his hand tiredly and uttered, “I’m old now.

I can’t lord over you anymore. Despite being the heir of a family of doctors, you see more value in money than in helping others.

One day, you will end up falling from grace because of this.” With that, Hector went upstairs. Jack’s face clouded over.

He’s right. He’s old now, so he can’t even tell wrong from right. The Damaris family is now on the pedestal of the medical field, worshipped by so many, but what use is that?

It’s nothing but a title at the end of the day, and we even have to spend much money and time to maintain that name of ours with all those pro bono medical consultations.

Eventually, the Damaris family will go bankrupt. The reputation of being kind isn’t something the Damaris family needs anymore.

What the Damaris family needs is money. We need to make a profit!

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