Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1574

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1574 – Bedtime Story Roxanne blushed with embarrassment as Lucian acted intimately with her in front of the children.

Upon witnessing their father defending them, the children said to their mother confidently, “That’s right! We’re still children, so you can’t get angry at us, Mommy.”

Then, when they saw their parents hugging, they tactfully turned around and closed their eyes. “It’s getting late.” Roxanne struggled out of Lucian’s embrace frantically. “The children still need to attend school tomorrow and rest soon!”

Lucian released her and said, “I’ll bring them to their bedroom. There’s something else I want to talk to them about.”

The children’s faces fell even though they already had a feeling their father wouldn’t forgive them that easily.

Thinking Lucian would talk to them about that incident, Roxanne nodded and watched him bring the children upstairs.

After bathing the children, he watched them lie on their beds. “Are you still angry at us, Daddy?” Benny hid half of his face under the blanket.

“Will you forgive me if I tell you about the hole in the company’s system?” When hacking into the company’s system, he discovered a hole in its advanced firewall, so he inserted a secret program into the virus.

After the virus was cracked, the program would activate and patch the hole in the system. Lucian patted the boy’s head. “

I’m aware of it, and I know you all patched it.” Benny sighed in relief. “Then are you still angry?” Lucian shook his head.

“I was never angry at any of you. I just wanted to tell you all a story.” The children’s eyes lit up. “Daddy’s going to tell us a bedtime story?”

His nod spurred the children to tuck themselves into their blankets obediently and close their eyes. “We’re ready! You can tell us the story now, Daddy!”

They were excited because it would be their first time listening to Lucian telling them a bedtime story.

Lucian began, “Once upon a time, there was a man called Jack—” “Is this the story about Jack the Poet?” Archie opened his eyes and stared at his father with curiosity.

Grinning, Lucian nodded. Benny lifted his eyelids, too. “I know this story! Mommy told us before!” “Then do you know the moral of the story?”

Lucian asked. Upon hearing that, Benny turned to his brother. Archie furrowed his brows and thought about the question quietly for a moment before answering, “The moral of the story is that we should study and don’t waste our talent. Otherwise, we’ll end up like Jack.”

Benny nodded seriously. They have pretty good comprehension. Lucian smiled. “I’m happy that you two know the moral of the story.”

“We know what we did wrong, Daddy! We promise we’ll study hard in the future! You can monitor us!” the boys apologized in unison.

Their attitude was a lot more genuine compared to earlier. Lucian caressed their heads and tucked them in. “All right, it’s getting late.

You all should rest early. I’ll leave after you’ve fallen asleep.” The children nodded obediently and closed their eyes.

As he promised, he only left after they fell asleep.

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