Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1573

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1573 – Prank Upon noticing the serious atmosphere around her family, Roxanne approached them in confusion.

At the sight of their savior, the children quickly hid behind her. “What’s the matter?” Reflexively, she shielded them and gazed at Lucian with worry.

Lucian looked at her and then at the children, feeling amused and exasperated. “You should ask them. Even though they’re still young, they’re quite bold” In response, Roxanne turned to look at the children.

“We were wrong, Mommy…” Benny apologized as he gripped the hem of Roxanne’s shirt. “Can you ask Daddy not to get angry?”

“We were just goofing around,” Estella chimed in. “We didn’t expect to trouble Daddy…” “We’re sorry, Daddy. We won’t do it again,” Archie said sensibly.

Confused by the children’s apologies, Roxanne turned to Lucian. Lucian approached the children and pinched their cheeks. “If I hadn’t gone to the company, Mr. Lawson would’ve called the police.

” Upon hearing that, they felt even more guilty. “We know we were wrong, Daddy. Please don’t be mad at us!”

“It’s my fault! I wanted to hack into the company’s system. If you want to blame someone, blame it on me!”

Benny came forward. “I just wanted to prove to Essie that I’m really good with computers.” Then he grumbled, “Besides, I only infected the system with a simple virus I created as a prank.

I didn’t expect…” I didn’t expect the employees in Daddy’s company would fail to deal with it and have to ask Daddy for help!

His complaint amused Lucian even further. “It’s all right. I don’t blame any of you. I was just surprised by how talented you all are.”

A smile settled on Benny’s countenance when he heard his father’s praise. “It’s evident that we can skip the basics.

This week, I’ll be testing all three of you. Then, based on the results, I’ll draw up your future curriculum,” Lucian added.

Without hesitation, the children agreed. They were aware that his skills were above theirs. Finally understanding what had transpired, Roxanne reprimanded, “You three went too far.

How could you hack Daddy’s company’s system as a prank?” Then she turned to Lucian anxiously. “Did the company lose any important documents?

Lucian smiled at her comfortingly. “No. The boys were mindful of their actions and only played a prank on my employees, but their computer skills surprised Cayden and almost prompted him to call the police until he was reminded to contact me first.”

Hugging his mother’s leg, Benny said cheekily, “It was really just a prank!” Lucian’s assurance and the children’s cheeky acting extinguished Roxanne’s desire to admonish the children.

She reminded them in a severe tone, “I know all of you are talented at operating computers, but it’s not a tool for pranks.

They should only be used for beneficial purposes.” The children nodded obediently and apologetically.

Seeing that Roxanne was somewhat angry, Lucian hugged her in front of the children. “They’re still young.

Besides, they’ve learned to be more mindful today. I’ll teach them the rest in the future.”

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