Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1551

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1551 – Watching Us Roxanne and Lucian practically went into all the stores in the mall.

Meanwhile, Shawn was sitting at a table by the window in a restaurant neither Roxanne nor Lucian paid attention to.

With a meaningful look in his eyes, Shawn was watching the couple intently. If I remember correctly, the woman next to Lucian is the legendary Roxanne Jarvis. Isn’t she Lucian’s ex-wife?

Suddenly, a man approached Shawn respectfully and sat down opposite him. Shawn turned toward the man and asked in a deep voice, “What have you found? Who exactly is that woman?”

Shawn’s assistant whipped out a document and handed it to Shawn. “Based on the investigation, Lucian’s ex-wife suddenly left him six years ago.

She only returned to the country recently, but shortly after her return, she had already gotten entangled with Lucian.

Besides, it seems like Lucian has been pestering her,” the assistant reported. A sparkle of mischief glimmered in Shawn’s eyes when he heard those words, and he stared morosely at Roxanne, who was nearby. “Her?

She isn’t too shabby, but there are plenty of beautiful girls around Lucian. Why is Lucian pestering her?”

Indeed, Lucian didn’t seem like a man who would be all over a girl. “Ms. Jarvis is Harvey Lambert’s finest disciple. After she returned to the country, she became a person in charge at one of Harvey’s research institutes and took up quite a few projects.

Besides, she stole the limelight during the Damaris family’s medical consultation. She has great accomplishments in the medical field,” the assistant elaborated.

As soon as those words fell, Shawn narrowed his eyes and cast Roxanne a scrutinizing gaze. It sounds like this woman is definitely more capable than Aubree.

With that in mind, Shawn licked his lips excitedly and looked at Roxanne curiously. I wonder what this woman tastes like.

Wait… She has a few kids with Lucian, right? I’m not interested in going after something Lucian has used.

Shawn retracted his gaze from Roxanne and asked his assistant, “What else?” The assistant hesitated for a moment before answering in an uncertain tone, “I heard that Ms. Jarvis’

research institute is currently working with Damaris Group. They seem to have jointly developed a special drug for cancer treatment, which has already achieved significant results.

I can’t be sure because the information is confidential. However, if what I heard is true, the drug is going to be the world’s first.

Hence, they’re going to get filthy rich.”Just as he ended his sentence, the assistant saw his superior smiling meaningfully.

In response, the assistant cast Shawn a confused look. Shawn’s eyes were filled with mockery when he said,

“I was wondering if Mr. Farwell would really fall head over heels for a woman. But now, that’s clearly not the case.

Mr. Farwell is just taking advantage of that woman so that he can take control of the new drug. With Farwell Group’s current capability, they’ll surely
monopolize the market for the new drug.

By then, I’m sure the company is going to make a fortune!” Realization dawned on the assistant after he heard what Shawn said.

That’s the difference between me and the rich men. These men are all dating to make money! No wonder I’m still not one of them.

Shawn retracted his gaze after he watched Lucian and Roxanne exit the children’s clothing store and enter the elevator. “I’ve seen enough.

Let’s go. It’s time to make our moves,” he said to his assistant. The assistant instantly knew what Shawn meant and hummed an acknowledgment.

The two men then left the restaurant, one after another. At the same time, Roxanne was frowning and trying hard to recall what happened when she was shopping moments prior.

Lucian saw the strange look on her face, so he asked caringly, “Are you feeling exhausted?” Roxanne shook her head and cast Lucian an uneasy look.
“I felt someone was watching us earlier.”

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