Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1550

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1550 – Not Enough Just as she finished talking, Roxanne turned to cast the sales attendant nearby an embarrassed glance.

Naturally, the sales attendant heard what Roxanne said, but she merely smiled politely at her without saying a word.

Lucian had an affectionate look in his eyes when he saw Roxanne getting anxious. A few moments later, the staff approached them with the wrapped-up clothes.

Lucian took the bags and said to Roxanne, “I’ll pay for these. You’ll just have to pay for the suit I’m wearing, Roxanne.”

With that, he smiled and waited for Roxanne’s reply. Six years ago, Roxanne regretted not buying clothes for Lucian. Since he was giving her a chance to make it up to him, she readily agreed.

Lucian wanted to continue trying on the other clothes, but Roxanne immediately stopped him. “That’s enough…”

Roxanne then glanced at the sales attendant embarrassingly before whispering, “You’ll still have to wear the ones in the bags. We can check them out by then.”

Lucian seemed dissatisfied after not being able to try on the clothes for Roxanne there and then. He only nodded after plunging into silent contemplation for a moment.

The couple then went to the counter. After exiting the men’s boutique, Lucian wanted to take Roxanne to shop for her clothes.

“You’ve already bought so many for me…” Roxanne rejected his offer hastily. I don’t know when did Lucian shop for me, but when I arrived at the Farwell residence, half of the clothes in the closet happened to be mine! Those clothes are new, and they seem expensive.

Roxanne was accustomed to performing experiments in her white coat. Hence, she wasn’t used to wearing colorful and fancy clothes.

“I don’t need that many. I only need a couple of gowns in the closet,” she said. In response, Lucian hugged her from behind and whispered into her ear, “You don’t need much now, but I think you’re going to need more as Mrs. Farwell.”

It was safe to say that Lucian could only use gifts to make up for the damage he had done six years ago.

Also, that was the only way he could show the public his love for Roxanne. Furthermore, having her wear all the clothes he bought for her was a way to show the world she was his woman.

Sensing his insistence, Roxanne couldn’t bring herself to refuse him again. I’ve only worn a few pieces of clothing in the closet. If he were to buy me more, it would really be a waste of money.

Lucian held her hand and brought her upstairs to shop for her clothes without leaving her any room for argument.

Comparably, it was a lot easier when it came to buying clothes for Roxanne. Lucian merely glanced at the clothing in the store and made his decision decisively.

He didn’t even need Roxanne to try on the clothes he picked out for her. Instead, he told the staff to wrap up all the new arrivals and send them to his car.

Since they still had time on their hands, they continued shopping for the kids. It was easy to shop for Archie and Benny.

Again, Lucian bought the latest Apple and added on all sorts of accessories. Estella’s clothes, on the other hand, were handpicked by Roxanne.

Initially, Lucian thought it would be enough to buy Estella a couple of pieces of clothing. However, Roxanne felt she needed to make it up to Estella for those years she missed out on her life.

Since I can buy things for her now, I should do whatever needs to be done to make her happy. Besides, Essie would have fewer clothes than me if we were to only buy a couple of pieces for her. How could I let that happen?

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