Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1548

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1548 – Which One Do You Want “If I knew this place would remind you of the past, I would have brought you to a different mall.”

Lucian’s eyes brimmed with regret. Once Roxanne calmed down, she slowly came out of his embrace while wearing a smile. “

I was just a little sad but am fine now. Now that Essie and I have been reunited, I’ll make up for everything that I failed to give her!”

Nodding slightly, Lucian grabbed her hand and clasped her fingers so tightly that she couldn’t leave. “Me too.

I’ll double my efforts in making it up to all of you.” The conviction in his eyes moved Roxanne and broadened the smile on her face.

As there was still time to spare before the movie, both of them went window-shopping level by level.

When they arrived at the entrance of a men’s boutique, Roxanne stopped subconsciously when she saw the outfits inside.

Noticing that it was a men’s boutique upon trailing her gaze, Lucian suddenly felt upset. “Who are you buying them for?”

I know all the men in her life, while I’m standing right beside her. So, who is she intending to buy an outfit for?

As his voice jolted her back to her senses, Roxanne turned to look at him. The moment their eyes met, Lucian saw bliss gradually take over the regret in her eyes.

Moved by the sight, he felt a growing sense of affection melt away his initial displeasure.

With a slight curl to her lips, Roxanne explained softly, “Do you know that six years ago, I would imagine you wearing those clothes each time I pass by a men’s boutique while shopping?”

Roxanne gushed like a schoolgirl when she brought the matter up. Throwing the mannequin in the shop window a glance, she spoke confidently.

“I feel that you’ll look better than the mannequin in that outfit!”

Watching how Roxanne was reminiscing about the past, Lucian suddenly felt as if he was lost in time, causing him to tighten his grip on her hand.

Stung by the sudden pain, Roxanne knitted her brows quizzically. Just when she was about to ask Lucian what happened, he drag her inside the

“Hello, how may I help you? Feel free to let me know what you’re looking for, and I’ll do my best to provide recommendations.”

When the sales attendant saw the distinguished couple walk in, she welcomed them warmly.

Realizing that Lucian was holding her hand tightly in public, the embarrassed Roxanne tried to struggle free, but the former would have none of it.

With a slight curl to her lips, Roxanne explained softly, “Do you know that six years ago, I would imagine you wearing those clothes each time I pass by a men’s boutique while shopping?”

“You have a good figure, so there’s no need to be particular about the cut. These are our most popular designs this season.

You’re welcome to try them on if you like.” The sales attendant showed off the outfits politely.

However, Lucian turned to Roxanne and asked in a deep voice, “Which one do you want me to try?”

His words briefly stunned the sales attendant. Holding her tongue prudently, she walked to Roxanne’s side upon learning who the decision maker was.

“You’re really blessed to have a husband who takes your fashion advice. It’s clear that you have a keen eye for both men and clothes alike!”

The sales attendant’s flattery naturally pleased Lucian. As for Roxanne, she was still lost in a daze.

Is Lucian… trying to make it up to me because of what I said earlier? She had no doubt he would keep his word but was still surprised by the granularity of his actions, where a casual yet melancholic mention elicited a response from him.

“Bring me what the mannequins are wearing in my size. I want to try them,” Lucian answered on the tongue-tied Roxanne’s behalf.

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