Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1547

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1547 – I Will Not Forget Your Presents During lunch, Lucian worked hard to prove himself.

He kept showering Roxanne with cringy sweet nothings, causing her to relish in the attention while feeling embarrassed at the same time.
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Once they were done with their food, the waitress brought them some desserts. “These are on the house. We wish both of you a long and loving relationship!” Seeing that, Roxanne thanked her.

Out of coincidence, there were three portions of the desserts. “I wonder what the children are doing right now. Essie loves tiramisu.”

Roxanne couldn’t help but think of her three kids. Lucian replied, “They’re probably having their afternoon break right now. If you’re worried about them, we can drop by the kindergarten to check and bring them these desserts.”

The thought of being able to see the children filled Roxanne with delight. “You took the words out of my mouth.”

With that, both of them got the service staff to pack the desserts before heading off to the kindergarten.

As they had given Pippa advance notice, they arrived to see her entering the break room with the children in tow.

“Daddy, Mommy!” Although the three kids were thrilled to see their parents, they kept their voices down in consideration of the other children who were napping.

Smiling at the sight of the children, Roxanne took her leave from Pippa before bringing the children back to their car.

“Mommy, what brings you here?” Estella’s eyes lit up the moment she saw the tiramisu.

As Roxanne opened it up for her attentively, she gave the latter’s hair a tousle. “While we were out having lunch, the restaurant gave us these complimentary desserts.

We decided to bring them to you since these are your favorite. Once you’ve finished, you can go back to your nap.”

Meanwhile, Lucian had unpacked the desserts for Archie and Benny. Then, the three children wolfed the tiramisu down happily.

After giving Roxanne and Lucian a look each, Benny narrowed his eyes thoughtfully. “You have a good eye, Daddy. The cake is delicious!”

Lucian cocked a brow slightly. “We’ll buy it more often since you like it so much.” “Thanks, Daddy!” Benny expressed his gratitude in his childish voice.

As both of them chatted happily, Roxanne didn’t even get the chance to join in. “Do you still have any classes in the afternoon?”

Lucian asked despite knowing the answer. His father’s intention wasn’t lost upon Archie. “Mmm-hmm. There’s a group activity in the afternoon which
Ms. Ward says that we can’t miss.”

Clueless as to where Lucian was going with the question, Roxanne was about to inquire when the former lamented, “I wanted to take all of you to the movies. But now, it’s a shame you have an activity to attend instead.”

His words jolted Roxanne into wondering if she had made a mistake. Since when did I agree to go to the movies with him?

“I have to—” She planned to return to the office in the afternoon. With a face brimming with anticipation, Estella gave Roxanne’s sleeve a tug.

“Mommy, I want some new clothes. Remember to get me some!” Faced with Estella’s twinkling eyes, Roxanne couldn’t bring herself to say no.

“Daddy, Archie’s and my computers need upgrading too!” Benny’s eyes glistened mischievously as he seized upon the opportunity to commit daylight robbery.

Lucian couldn’t help but smile. “I know. I won’t forget your presents.” Thereafter, the children gave Roxanne looks that brimmed with anticipation.

Roxanne was left with no choice but to agree. “Remember to watch yourselves during the event. There will be no presents for you if you get hurt.”

Her agreement filled the children with jubilation.

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