Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1545

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1545 – Just Like The First Time After another round of discussions, both of them decided that they could give in

Roxanne then sent Jack a message, indicating to him that she was willing to give up three more percent. If Damaris Group found it unacceptable, they would have no choice but to cancel the collaboration.

However, she didn’t receive a response despite waiting for a long time. Since it was noon and there was nothing much to do, Lucian decided to take Roxanne out for lunch.

Seemingly to make up for the disappointment last time, Lucian made reservations for Horington’s best restaurant, where he ordered the couple’s set on purpose.

Upon their arrival, both of them were ushered to their table by two members of the staff. “Sir, I’m sorry, but we have run out of the drinks for the couple’s set.

May I know if you would like to switch to a different one or have a refund?” the waitress asked upon confirming their orders.

Roxanne was surprised to learn that Lucian had ordered the couple’s set. She hadn’t expected him to do something as childish as that.

Nonetheless, Lucian handed her the menu with an emotionless face. “Why don’t you choose your own drink?

Feel free to order more food, as I don’t think the food included in the set is enough.” Roxanne was too shy to maintain eye contact with him, so she pretended to calmly skim through the menu upon receiving it.

The waitress couldn’t help but comment, “Both of you look like a good match. You must have a wonderful relationship.”

While Lucian simply smile in response, the embarrassed Roxanne kept her head down in silence. When the waitress saw their reaction, a sudden realization struck her.

Oh my God, it’s Mr. Farwell and his ex-wife! They were the talk of the internet some time ago. Both of them look so much better in real life compared to their photos.

Mr. Farwell is so handsome when he smiles, while his ex-wife is such a gentle person. And here they are, ordering a couple’s menu.

If it wasn’t for Aubree Pearson, both of them wouldn’t have divorced all those years ago. “I’m done ordering.”

Oblivious to what was going through the waitress’ mind, Roxanne broke into a friendly smile when she saw the strange look on the former’s face.

After taking the menu back in her hands, the waitress tried hard to maintain her composure as she turned around in awe.

The ex-wife is so elegant and dazzling when she smiles. I’m surprised that someone so stunning actually exists!

Roxanne felt a little strange when she noticed the waitress walking away awkwardly. Nevertheless, she didn’t think much of it as she turned her attention to Lucian.

“Weren’t we supposed to have a casual lunch? Why—” Lucian’s eyes glistened with affection. “I didn’t really know where to go, but after checking Instagram, I decided to take you here since this place seems to be popular with couples.”

Roxanne was touched by the look in his eyes. Even though their children had grown up, she was still mesmerized by the man she was staring at. It felt
just like how she had fallen in love with him the very first time.

“It’s my fault that we missed out a lot six years ago. I want to try my best to make it up to you.”

In a deep voice, Lucian explained, “Even though I promised to pursue you again earlier, the amount of effort I’ve put in was pathetic.

Come to think of it now, the reason you refused my marriage proposal might be because of my inadequate actions.

Therefore, all I can do now is work harder.” As Roxanne’s eyes sparkled at his words, she felt the sudden urge to correct him.

However, after giving it some thought, she figured that the real reason she rejected the marriage proposal was obvious to both of them.

Cognizant that Lucian was just saying all that to excuse his behavior, Roxanne didn’t expose him…

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