Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1544

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1544 – Pure Intentions Roxanne could not help but feel relieved at that realization.

She was glad that she had kept her guard up against Jack the whole time. Also… “Luckily, I had asked for your advice earlier.

Otherwise, it’s very likely that I would have fallen into Jack’s trap.” The woman flashed a grateful smile at Lucian, who could not be happier that she had finally seen Jack’s true colors.

“You can consult me anytime you want. I won’t charge you for it,” Lucian said with a suggestive look in his eyes.

A blush spread across Roxanne’s cheeks when she realized what he meant, and she pushed him away at once.

Looking at the woman’s shy expression, Lucian smiled. Not wanting to embarrass her further, he changed the topic to something more serious.

“It could be a good thing if Damaris Group really decides not to go ahead with the collaboration.

Although it’s true that their herbs are of a higher quality than what the others have in the market right now, those are, after all, still normal herbs without any special medicinal properties.

Even without the Damaris family, the research institute can still acquire good-quality herbs at a higher price from other medicinal herb companies
to manufacture the drug.

That way, the issue regarding the supply of herbs would be solved.” The moment Lucian started discussing serious matters, Roxanne breathed a sigh of relief and listened attentively.

As for sales channels, that’s even less of a problem. Most medicinal herb companies have online sales platforms and a regular customer base.

As long as you have a good product, people would naturally buy it. If you are still worried, I can get Farwell Group’s technology department to build a specialized online medical sales platform for you.”

Roxanne was moved upon hearing that. It was well known that Farwell Group’s technology team was one of the best in the world.

Roxanne felt that it would be a waste of talent to get them to create the sales platform for her. She smiled at Lucian appreciatively and replied, “Got it.

If Damaris Group refuses to accept our proposal, I will just look for another company to collaborate with.”

Lucian spoke again after that. “However, if the collaboration with the Damaris family fails, all the hard work that you’ve put into establishing a good relationship with them might go to waste.”

Taking a pause, he continued in a solemn tone, “I know that the reason you started joining those medical consultations was because of your interest in the Damaris family’s ancient medical arts. If your relationship with them falls apart, all your efforts would come to naught.”

At the mention of her original intention for approaching the Damaris family, Roxanne fell into a slight daze.

“But before that, I’ve always thought that their intentions were pure and that they truly cared about advancing medical treatment and care for patients…”

She had just recognized that the Damaris family was not as altruistic as she had thought in the face of profit. In fact, their business was way more commercialized than she had expected.

Rubbing the back of Roxanne’s hand, Lucian said casually, “If you think it’s a pity, you can always make a further compromise.

You would just be making less money. You can treat it as paying tuition fees to the Damaris family. Just let me know if you need extra funding for the research.”

Even though Roxanne was still feeling upset over the fact that the Damaris family was not who she had imagined them to be, she could not help but be amused by the man’s words.

“What do you take me for? I’m indeed very curious about the Damaris family’s ancient medical arts, but I’ve also found out that their medical skills are not omnipotent in this period of time.

Truth is, all of us possess different capabilities. If I really don’t get to learn from them, I can further advance my own skills, which might be even better.”

Roxanne looked up at Lucian and continued with a serious expression, “Besides, I’m responsible for the benefits of the staff at the research institute.

I have to make sure that they get what they deserve for their hard work and not shortchange them because of my personal motives.”

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