Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1534

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1534 – Could Not Wait Any Longer “What’s wrong? I notice that you did not drink any wine.”

Jack suddenly looked at the person beside him and asked concernedly, “Are you unwell? What’s the matter? Would you like me to take a look?”

As he spoke, his hand reached out to take Roxanne’s wrist. Roxanne pursed her lips and put on a weak smile. “There’s no need.

I’m a little tired as I did not sleep well last night. Please carry on and have fun with them. I’ll take a rest for a while.”

She calmly retreated and avoided contact with Jack. She gave a light nod before turning around to leave. Displeasure hit Jack as he stared at her back.

The hickey on her neck was the answer to why she did not sleep well last night! I can’t wait any longer! I must make a move quickly!

After leaving the banquet, Roxanne headed to a nearby cafe for coffee and relaxation. But at the thought of Jack’s recent attitude, she felt annoyed again.

Just then, a message came from Lucian asking about her. How are you feeling? Go home and rest if you are tired.

The research institute matters can be settled some other time. Roxanne felt warm when she saw his care and concern.

But she could not help being grouchy in her reply as she was upset with Jack’s behavior. So, you knew I’ll be tired today, huh… But it’s okay.

The medication was successfully developed, and we’re celebrating outside now. Lucian frowned slightly as he saw Roxanne’s reply.

He texted back. Is Jack there too? Roxanne became more frustrated when Jack was mentioned. He’s the one who initiated the celebration.

I couldn’t reject him as the staff in the research institute were in high spirits. Roxanne’s reply clearly showed her displeasure toward Jack, though she did not directly say so.

Lucian, however, was concerned about something else. Did you drink? Roxanne pulled a face and replied. They’re drinking, but I’m not in the mood.

As soon as she sent the message, Lucian called. Roxanne answered it. “What’s the matter? Are you unwell? Do you want me to go over and fetch you?”

Lucian’s voice was warm and caring. Roxanne sighed softly. “I was a bit uncomfortable in the morning, but I’m much better now.”

Hearing that, Lucian furrowed his brows puzzledly. “What’s wrong then? Is it because of my mother? What did she say to you again?”

Not wanting Lucian to misunderstand, Roxanne hurriedly explained, “It’s not that. It’s because of Jack…” Roxanne could not help feeling upset as she brought up the topic.

She could not do anything much to an outsider who was getting close to her employees. She felt a loss of authority as the person in charge of the research institute. This made her look bad as a leader.

Lucian became unhappy when he heard Jack was upsetting Roxanne. “What is Jack up to now? Don’t be bothered by him.

I can see that he’s caring toward you, but it remains to be seen whether he has ulterior motives.” Roxanne still felt discouraged.

She hesitantly asked Lucian, “Am I incompetent at managing staff? It seemed like the research institute became a mess after Colby left.”

She was doing some self-reflection while drinking coffee earlier. The truth was she was a relatively new member of the research institute; thus, she did not know the employees well.

Furthermore, she focused solely on her research and neglected her relations with her colleagues.

In the past, Colby helped her maintain relations with the employees. After Colby was caught, she started drifting apart from them.

That was the reason why Jack was able to win their hearts so easily. Lucian’s expression turned solemn when he heard that. “Why did you say so?”

Roxanne felt a bit embarrassed to speak her thoughts. But she managed to find the courage to do so, as Lucian was the audience.

“I felt that during this period, the employees hit it off better with Jack than me. The situation looks like he’s the person in charge instead of me.”

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