Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1533

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1533 – Lobbying Roxanne was rather offended by his sudden body contact, and the smile on her face became dark.

She lowered her eyes and stepped back, slowly moving away from his hand. Jack frowned for a moment when he felt her uneasiness.

He quickly removed his hand and pretended nothing had happened. “The research institute played a huge part in successfully developing the new medication.

How about this? Lunch is on me today, plus everyone will receive a cash reward from me this month!” Jack’s words made it sound like he was closely related to the research institute.

Roxanne felt he was slightly crossing the line and wanted to decline him. But the employees were already cheering.

Thus, she thought it would not be nice to spoil the atmosphere. “Mr. Damaris is so generous!” “Thank you, Mr. Damaris.

We will definitely work harder from now onwards!” One by one, the research institute staff began to offer Jack words of flattery.

Roxanne felt slightly annoyed as she watched their admiration for Jack. “Well, I hope everyone will give me the honor.

Let’s carpool and set off now, shall we?” Jack grinned from ear to ear, looking all enthusiastic.

He then reached out and wanted to hold Roxanne’s arm. “If you don’t mind, Ms. Jarvis, you can take my car!”

Roxanne turned sideways, avoiding his hand. She had an awkward smile on her face. “I think we should first discuss our profit-sharing model.”

Jack arched his brow, seemingly uninterested in what she said. “What’s the hurry? This isn’t our first collaboration, don’t you trust me?

Please don’t worry for I’ll ensure the research institute gets what it deserves. Let’s not talk about work on such a joyous occasion.

We should relax and take a break!” While he was speaking, a few employees had begun to make their way out.

Roxanne was unhappy, but she could only agree. “All right, let’s go then. I’ll drive my car so that I can help to fetch some people.”

With that, she called a few staff who did not drive and left with them. Jack watched Roxanne’s retreating figure and then lowered his eyes.

His gaze turned grim as he looked at his hand, which she had rejected twice.

It was noon when the group reached the hotel where Jack made reservations. “Mr. Damaris is such a rich and generous man.

He actually reserved the best hotel in Horington for our celebration,” one of the employees complimented with a smile.

Jack was walking alongside Roxanne when he heard the compliment. He smiled and waved a dismissal hand. “

All of you are important contributors. It’s only fitting that I choose the best. Enjoy yourselves, and don’t stand on ceremony with me.”

Jack arranged for a feast at the top level of the hotel. Delicious food and wine were served, and soothing live music enhanced the atmosphere.

Several staff were excited as it was their first time having a meal in such a luxurious place. Throughout the meal, people came to give Jack a toast to thank him for the treat. After toasting Jack, they turned to Roxanne, wanting to give her a toast too.

Roxanne rejected all offers, saying that she was not feeling well. “Enjoy yourselves, everyone. Today’s celebration is the first, and for sure, not the last.

There’ll be plenty of opportunities for us to collaborate. I promise our subsequent celebrations will be grander with each successful collaboration!”

Jack raised his wine glass and said to everyone. Sounds of cheers erupted as soon as Jack finished speaking.

Roxanne should be ecstatic about the successful development of the new medication. But as she sat and watched how Jack acted like he was the protagonist of the success story, she could not bring herself to feel happy.

The way Jack behaved did not look like he was celebrating. He was trying to win over everyone’s hearts.

Outsiders might get the impression that Jack was the person in charge of the research institute.

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