Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1519

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1519 – Roxanne glanced at the children.

They instantly understood her intention and secretly glanced at the food Lucian had prepared. “It’s fine. I think you all did quite well.

There’s a well-balanced amount of vegetables and meat, especially the chicken salad. I’ve been craving something crisp and refreshing for days!”

With that, Roxanne picked up her fork to taste the chicken salad. She scrunched her eyebrows at the sourness.

Lucian noticed her response and tasted the chicken salad himself. He immediately frowned and said, “I put too much vinegar.”

As soon as he said that, he reached over again to start the engine. Roxanne quickly stopped him by grabbing his arm. “No, it’s fine.

I’ve been wanting to eat something sour for the past few days. It tastes just right for me.”

She then put on an act and asked the children, “Did you guys make this? My babies are so precious. You could even guess my cravings.”

The children were amused by Roxanne and wanted to laugh but had to hold it in. “It was Daddy!” Roxanne pretended to be surprised as she looked at Lucian.

Naturally, Lucian could tell that they were acting. Displeased, he said, “Didn’t I tell you not to force yourself? If it’s not good, then it’s not good.”

Roxanne helplessly stopped her act and breathed, “Although it can’t be considered delicious, it’s not that bad either. Besides, it’s the thought that counts.

The food will taste delicious no matter what. If I was the one who made all this food and sent it to you personally, would you not have eaten it?”

Her words rendered him speechless. Roxanne placed a fork in his hand before putting some food on the children’s plates. “Mm!

Benny, the food you made is too salty!” “Essie’s food is too spicy!” Benny and Estella ate a few mouthfuls of food and began complaining about each other. In the end, they came to a conclusion.

“Archie’s food is the best! Daddy’s chicken salad too!” Lucian’s chicken salad had been chosen as one of the two foods that were edible.

Roxanne’s lips curved upward into a smile as she watched the children arguing playfully. Lucian finally accepted the food on the table.

When he heard what the children said, he placed some stirfried potatoes on Roxanne’s plate. Archie had not eaten much of it, yet half of the stir-fried potatoes were gone.

The children could not protest when they saw their father playing favoritism so openly. They had no choice but to silently eat the sour chicken salad.

Roxanne thought it was funny to see Lucian bully the three children. “Just eat some of these today. I’ll do my best to improve my cooking next time,”

Lucian said in a deep voice. Roxanne did not think today’s meal was a waste, but she still smiled and nodded when she heard what he said.

It was almost time for Roxanne to return to the research institute after they finished lunch.

Roxanne accompanied them a little longer, but in the end, she still had to return to continue her experiment. “I’m working overtime this afternoon.

You guys should go back first.” She opened the door and got out of the car.

Just as she closed the door, she heard the sound of the door opening and closing. She turned around and saw Lucian walking toward her.

“What’s wrong?” she asked in confusion. Lucian frowned as he looked at her. “How long more will you be busy?”

Roxanne had been working overtime continuously for more than half a month. Lucian was afraid she might exhaust herself.

Roxanne knew he was worried about her. She smiled and comforted him, “There are some leads in the experiment now. It’ll be over soon.

Don’t worry. I can take care of myself.” Lucian’s expression darkened as he looked at her much slimmer figure.

The thought of wanting to acquire Damaris Group’s pharmaceutical company arose once more in his mind.

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