Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1518

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1518 – The three children stayed at the Farwell residence for the next few days.

Lucian used that as an excuse to video call Roxanne every night. He would report to her about how the children were doing and also expressed his concern for her health.

The children were obedient every time they appeared on the screen. It was already the weekend. It had been four whole days since the children had last met Roxanne, and they were throwing tantrums about wanting to see her.

Lucian had an idea. It was noon. Catalina was about to prepare lunch when she saw Lucian and the children preparing to go out.

She said, “Mr. Farwell, are you going out to meet Mrs. Farwell? Why don’t you wait for me to finish preparing lunch so you can bring some for her?

Isn’t she busy these days? Please remind her not to overwork herself.” Before Lucian could speak, the children had already run toward the kitchen.

“Ms. Catalina, we’ll help you!” With that, they each took a stool and stood beside Catalina.

A smile appeared on Catalina’s lips when she saw the three adorable children. “Okay. I’ll teach you.”

The four of them started to prepare lunch in the kitchen. Lucian watched them for a while and felt his heart skip a beat.

He could not help but go to the kitchen and join in. “Mr. Farwell?” Catalina was filled with surprise when she saw Lucian walk into the kitchen.

However, she quickly understood that he was doing it for Roxanne and grinned as she guided them to prepare lunch.

The lunch preparation was chaotic, but the final product was considered acceptable with Catalina’s help. Catalina helped them pack the food.

She then watched them leave with lunch boxes in their hands as she smiled from ear to ear.

It was lunchtime when the four of them arrived at the research institute. The children stared at Lucian with wide eyes as he gave Roxanne a call.

Not long after, Roxanne appeared at the entrance of the research institute and made her way toward them. “Why did you change cars?”

Roxanne asked casually when she got in the car and noticed its spacious space. As soon as she said that, the children mysteriously took out a bag.

Lucian pressed a button, and soon, a divider fell onto the seat in front of them. Roxanne was confused. “Tadah! Mommy, we prepared you lunch!”

Benny struggled to put the bag on the divider. His eyes sparkled in anticipation as he stared at Roxanne.

Roxanne was filled with surprise when she heard what Benny said. She could not help but turn to look at the person beside her.

I’ve already seen how he washes dishes, but it’s hard to imagine him cooking in the kitchen. Lucian had been so clumsy when making a cake the last time, much less cook.

Lucian sensed her gaze and turned to look out the window calmly. Roxanne thought it was funny, but she was also excited to know what food they had prepared.

She reached over to open the bag and took out the lunchboxes one by one. Lucian turned around and looked at the opened lunchboxes.

A glint of disgust flashed across his eyes. “Forget it. I should bring you all to a restaurant instead.” He had always thought he could achieve anything.

However, when faced with the food in front of him, he had to admit that he had zero talent for cooking. With that, he got ready to start the car.

However, a smile appeared on Roxanne’s lips. Surprise was written on her face as she said, “You guys made all these? You’re awesome!”

Lucian stopped his actions and narrowed his eyes as he stared at her when he heard her say that. “You don’t need to force yourself.

These dishes don’t look appetizing. You can try my cooking again when I’ve made improvements. It’s better if you don’t eat it.

You’re tired these days. We should go and eat something good.”

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