Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1516

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1516 – Roxanne had wanted to personally send and pick up the three children to and from the kindergarten.

She thought she would be more relieved if she did that. However, she did not expect to be so busy on the first night and ended up asking Linda to pick them up in her stead.

Half an hour later, she received a call from Archie. Roxanne thought Linda had not arrived, so she quickly answered the phone.

Roxanne could hear Archie’s wary tone from the other end of the call. “Mommy, can we go home with Ms. Linda?”

Roxanne was momentarily stunned when she heard that. However, she quickly returned to her senses and remembered that she had told them not to follow anyone else home.

She did not expect the children to be that vigilant. “Yes, you can. I was the one who asked Ms. Linda to pick you up. You should head home first,” she replied softly.

Archie agreed in a childish voice and hung up. Roxanne placed her phone aside and felt guilt well up in her heart.

Something big has happened, and Aubree’s whereabouts are still unknown. I should’ve stayed home and taken care of them.

However, the research for the new medication was an urgent matter. She had no time to lose. She pondered over it before dialing Lucian’s number.

The call connected quickly. “Roxanne, what’s wrong?” Roxanne lowered her head and asked, “Can I ask you for a favor?

Can you please take care of the children for a few days?” Lucian is their father. It makes sense for him to take care of the children if I’m busy.

Plus, only Lucian can ensure their safety. Surprise flashed across Lucian’s face. His lips curved upward into a smile as he replied, “Of course.

I’m happy that you can trust me.” Roxanne was moved when she heard him agree to it so quickly. “Sorry to trouble you.”

Lucian asked, “Where are they right now? Have they gone home?” Roxanne checked the time before replying, “I asked Linda to pick them up.

They should be home by now. If it’s convenient for you, can you please take them to the manor?”

Roxanne felt bad if Lucian had to travel to and fro between her home and the manor daily. Lucian did not answer her directly. “I got it.

I’ll head over right now. You should come back soon. Don’t overwork yourself.” Roxanne glanced at the progress of her experiment and gave a response guiltily.

She hung up and quickly continued the experiment. After hanging up, Lucian finished his work and prepared to leave Farwell Group.

When he exited his office, he met Cayden, who was waiting for the elevator. “Mr. Farwell,” Cayden greeted respectfully.

Lucian nodded in response, asking, “Which restaurant did you often buy food for me from?” Cayden was caught off guard by Lucian’s question.

He did not even realize that the elevator had arrived. Only when Lucian entered the elevator did he return to his senses and follow behind Lucian.

“Mr. Farwell, if you want their food, I’ll call them immediately to send it to the manor.” Lucian frowned and ordered, “Have them send the food to Durwest Garden.

Also, send me the address to the restaurant.” Cayden nodded. Mr. Farwell must be bringing food to visit Mrs. Farwell.

He tactfully confirmed Lucian’s order with him before calling the restaurant. He then sent the restaurant’s address to Lucian.

The elevator stopped at the ground floor. After they exited the elevator, Cayden asked, “Mr. Farwell, do you want me to send you there?”

With a wave of his hand, Lucian rejected Cayden’s offer and headed outside.

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