Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1515

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1515 – After much contemplation, Jonathan still thought he had to talk to Lucian face-to-face after learning the

Otherwise, the Queen family might meet the same fate as the Pearson family if the Farwells learned about it from Aubree.

Jonathan quickly called Lucian and invited him for drinks. Lucian, who had no place to vent his anger for the past two days, agreed without hesitation.

The two of them agreed to meet at the club they often went to. When Lucian arrived, Jonathan had already ordered the drinks and was drinking by himself in the private room.

He looked pretty angry too. “What’s wrong? Did something happen to the Queen family again?”

Lucian took a seat next to him and poured himself a drink. Jonathan was thinking of how to tell Lucian the truth. His mind was a mess.

Only when he heard Lucian’s voice did he return to his senses and stop drinking.

After a while, he decided to finish the drink in his hand before he smiled bitterly and said, “Lucian, didn’t you say that you suspect Aubree ran away?

Well, now I can certainly tell you that it’s true. She indeed ran away.” Lucian stopped drinking when he heard that and turned to look at Jonathan. “What did you say?”

Helplessness was written all over Jonathan’s face as he replied, “If it’s possible, I, too, wish that I didn’t know about it, but…”

The two of them grew up together. Even if Jonathan did not finish his sentence, Lucian could already guess what Jonathan was going to say.

If the Farwell family could not find out the truth, it was even more impossible for Jonathan to find out about it.

The only possibility was that the person who knew the truth was beside him. Frieda!

A cold glint flashed across Lucian’s eyes when he thought of Frieda. However, he was still considerate of his friend and did not express his displeasure.

Jonathan had helped Lucian and Roxanne a lot with their relationship. He believed Jonathan would keep watch over Frieda.

Lucian was willing to be considerate of Jonathan. As long as the latter chose not to say anything, Lucian would pretend not to know.

“Who sent her away?” Lucian changed the topic as he refilled their glasses. Jonathan raised his glass gratefully. He sounded doubtful as he answered, “I know that the person was the man Aubree met during the hotel’s opening.

The next morning, that man had also taken inappropriate photos of Aubree. I have no idea why he would help her.”

Lucian scrunched up his eyebrows, and his expression turned grim. “What exactly are that man’s intentions?

He first put Aubree in the spotlight, but now he’s helping her by doing this. And he’s able to avoid getting caught by the Farwell family and the police…”

This person is dangerous the more I think about it. I must quickly find him! Jonathan also had the same thought.

“I also want to know Aubree’s whereabouts. We’ll find her as long as we find that man. I’m somewhat related to this matter.

I can’t sit by and do nothing.” Lucian slightly nodded before taking a sip of his drink and said, “It’s not a bad thing if Aubree did leave Herington.

Since she dared to leave, she should never think of returning. I won’t let her get another chance at harming them!”

Jonathan was fully aware of who Lucian referred to as “them.” When Jonathan thought of how his sister had been hanging out with Aubree, he said apologetically, “I’m sorry.

If I had found out about it sooner—” “It has nothing to do with you. If Aubree doesn’t return, we’ll just let this matter go. However, if she dares to
return, we’ll just wait for the truth to be revealed.”

While he did promise that he would be considerate of Jonathan, his patience was limited. Jonathan sighed inwardly and did not say anything else.

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