Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1485

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1485 – The backlash online came fast and furious but died down just as quickly, and it only took a few days before everyone’s focus shifted to other news.

Nonetheless, Aubree was not about to let the matter slide just like that. She was determined to make her saboteur pay!

She and Frieda spent a whole day at the bar watching the surveillance footage yet failed to find a shot of the culprit’s face.

They had no way of ascertaining the person’s identity. Still feeling annoyed after getting home, Aubree contacted Ophelia immediately.

I may not be able to exact revenge on Roxanne right now because I don’t know who that guy is, but I can always follow the original plan and teach Roxanne a lesson!

Ophelia had been waiting to hear from Aubree at the hotel for several days. She had also seen the comments online over the past couple of days.

With Aubree’s character, there’s no way she’d let the person who leaked the photos get away with it.

However, I still haven’t heard from her after so many days. She’s probably busy looking for the culprit and doesn’t have time to talk to me.

Just as she was about to turn in for the night, she suddenly received a call from Aubree. Quickly answering her phone, she said, “What is it, Aubree?

What can I do to help?” In an icy tone, Aubree replied, “Go to Roxanne as we originally planned.

That btch dared to plot against me, so I’ll make her regret it!” Ophelia was dumbfounded when she heard that. “

Are you saying the backlash over the past two days was Roxanne’s doing?” “What’s the matter? Don’t you believe me? I’ve told you before.

That btch is capable of all sorts of dirty tricks. She’s trying to get back at me!” Aubree hissed through clenched teeth.

In truth, Ophelia did not know much about Roxanne. All she had heard from Aubree was that Roxanne had been responsible for ruining Aubree’s life of luxury. I never thought she’d resort to such despicable measures!

As Aubree’s best friend, naturally, she felt angry and agreed immediately, “Calm down. Don’t let your anger affect your health. I’ll go look for her at once.”

Aubree took two deep breaths. Thinking about the trouble Roxanne was about to encounter, she finally felt a little more at ease.

After ending the call, Ophelia wasted no time setting off and headed straight for Roxanne’s research institute, guessing that the latter would be working there at that hour.

She spent a long time trying to find Roxanne’s car in front of the research institute but to no avail. Ophelia decided to switch locations and go
to Roxanne’s house instead but ended up getting stopped at the residential area entrance.

She had nonchoice but to turn back home and look for another opportunity. A Bentley slowly drove up right as she was leaving the residential area.

Lucian had gotten a clear look at her face and recognized that she was the children’s teacher who had resigned just two days ago.

What’s she doing here? Benny’s injury has almost completely healed, so it doesn’t make sense that she’d come to check in on him.

He sensed something amiss yet did not want to alert the enemy, so he called Cayden and instructed him to have someone follow Ophelia, resolved to find out what she had up her sleeve.

After settling that, he drove the Bentley into the residential area and pulled up in front of Roxanne’s house.

All three children were sitting in the living room, bored out of their minds. As always, Benny was the one who got up to see who it was when the doorbell rang, and his eyes lit up the moment he saw the person standing at the door.

“Mr. Farwell!” Archie’s and Estella’s expressions shifted slightly. Almost immediately, they jumped up from the couch and sprinted to the door with anticipation written all over their faces.

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