Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1484

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1484 – Meanwhile, in the Farwell residence, Sonya felt nauseous upon seeing the photo being shared all over
the internet.

In the past, Aubree had told Sonya time and time again that she was in love with Lucian.

It had only been a few days since the two families had called off the engagement. Sonya was surprised and disgusted when she saw that Aubree had already checked into a room with another man.

Aubree even went as far as making love with him as if nothing has happened! She must have done so willingly!

This time, someone took a photo and made it viral. Who knows whether or not she had been unfaithful during all those years of her engagement with Lucian?

Her so-called “love” for Lucian was nothing but a lie! At the thought of herself being tricked by Aubree, Sonya could not help but feel humiliated.

All of a sudden, the support Sonya had shown Aubree all those years seemed like a waste of time.

If she had allowed someone like Aubree to be married into the Farwell family, people would have thought she was a fool.

Just as her blood began to boil, Sonya received a call from Gina. Sonya rejected the call without hesitation.

“What a wretched woman! How dare she call me at a time like this? How shameless!”

Not wanting to see anything related to the Pearsons, Sonya tossed her phone aside out of fury. Out of sight, out of mind. From this day onward, I will no longer be associated with the Pearsons!

Whatever happens to that family will be none of my concern! “You’ve finally realized the things Aubree has done now, haven’t you?”

Just then, Elias came down the stairs. It only took him one second to figure out what was going on based on Sonya’s expression. “

Do you still think that everything Aubree had done in the past was because Lucian refused to marry her?” Sonya was already feeling awful.

When she heard his question, her face reddened in anger and embarrassment. “How would I know that she’s such a good actress?

She lied to me for so many years. Serves her right to have such an ending today!”

“I’ve told you not to interfere too much in Lucian’s private life, especially when it comes to romance. He’s a grown man. He can handle his own affairs,” Elias advised her sincerely.

No matter what Sonya’s intention was, Elias truly believed that they, as parents, should not meddle with their children’s life.

Begrudgingly, Sonya retorted, “I just want the best for him. Do you think I’d have cared if it was anyone else?”

Knowing that he could not change her mind, Elias did not continue to press on the subject. “Then I believe you know now that Aubree is not the best candidate for the title Mrs. Farwell?”

Sonya’s expression darkened as she understood what he was implying. “Just because Aubree is unfit doesn’t mean that Roxanne is!

She is still unfit to marry Lucian!” Sonya’s eyes were filled with disdain. “Aubree might be sleeping around, but at least she didn’t get pregnant!

What about Roxanne? Her two children are about the same age as Essie. That means that she had slept with other men ever since she left the country!

Now she plans to bring the two children into our family. If I agree to it, others will see our family as a joke!”

Even though Lucian had told the public that the children were his, the truth would be revealed eventually. Nothing could be hidden forever.

Sonya did not want to become a laughingstock when the time came. Seeing that Sonya was persistent, Elias could only heave a heavy sigh.

“Just think about it again, okay? We’re not young anymore. Wouldn’t it be nice if we just focus on our own lives?

Why do you insist on meddling with their affairs? Even if what you fear becomes a reality in the future, you and I will no longer be in charge of the Farwell family. What’s there to worry about?” Having said that, he patted Sonya’s shoulder gently before turning around and returning upstairs.

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