Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1468

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1468 – Benny frowned and corrected himself, “It only hurts a little!”

To emphasize his point, he even made a gesture of a pinching hand with his thumb and index finger.

Seeing how insistent the kid was, Roxanne couldn’t help but burst into laughter. Lucian, too, smiled and patted Benny on his head. “

You’re a tough boy, Benny.” Upon hearing his father’s compliment, Benny held his head high and beamed with pride.

Archie, on the contrary, felt a twinge of envy for his brother and glanced at his mother. Argh. I wonder when Mommy will accept Daddy’s proposal.

That way, I’ll also have a chance of being praised by Daddy in the future… “How’s his injury? Is it serious?” Lucian asked as he turned to Roxanne, who was still treating Benny’s wound.

“I’ve developed a medicine recently to treat bruises, and it’s pretty effective,” she explained. “In the meantime, however, Benny will have to take extra care of his wrist. He can’t be as reckless as before.”

That was a reminder Benny had long heard from his mother, but even so, he couldn’t hold back from putting on a sad face in front of his father.

Lucian gently caressed the boy’s face and smiled. “There, there. Remember to be extra careful during this time. That way, you’ll recover faster.”

Having been comforted by his father, Benny nodded obediently in response. A glint of exasperation flashed across Roxanne’s eyes when she realized her son was acting cute.

The nerve of this kid… He hasn’t known Lucian that long, yet he’s already clinging to him. “By the way, I’ll bring more medicine over in a while.

Take some with you when you leave,” Roxanne suddenly added. Lucian promptly nodded without saying anything.

After tending to Benny’s injury, Roxanne still had a lot on her mind, so she told the kids to run along and play.

Soon, only she and Lucian were left in the dining room. “What’s the matter?” the latter asked as soon he saw how distracted the woman was.

Roxanne furrowed her brows. “I had agreed to let them take Essie home, but in the end, I still took her back to mine. Will your parents think I’m not a woman of my word?”

Mrs. Farwell’s already prejudiced against me, and even though Lucian hasn’t said anything, I’m pretty sure this visit was her idea.

I’m so worried that my mistake might ruin Mr. Farwell’s impression of me… Naturally, Lucian understood her worries. “No. I’ve already explained things to my father. He won’t mind any of this.”

Despite the reassurance, Roxanne still found it impossible to dismiss all her concerns. As she turned to look at the three children playing outside, she unconsciously heaved a sigh.

Lucian instantly walked up and pulled her into his embrace. “Don’t worry. I’m still here. No matter what happens, I’ll always protect you and the kids.”

Feeling the comforting warmth from Lucian’s arms, Roxanne began to feel more at ease.

All of a sudden, the sound of Lucian’s phone ringing broke the peaceful silence in the dining room.

Lucian glanced at his phone screen, only to realize it was a call from the head of the kindergarten, Jeffrey.

Ah, yes. I instructed Jeffrey earlier to look into how Benny had gotten injured. I guess he’s calling to tell me the results of the investigation.

“Mr. Farwell, I’ve already gotten my men to conduct a thorough investigation. Not only did we examine Benny’s shoes and the venue, but we also checked the surveillance footage.

There’s no problem at all,” Jeffrey said cautiously. “Benny was just careless…” At that, the man quickly made a U-turn and shifted the blame onto himself and the kindergarten.

“It’s all our fault for not putting enough safety measures in place! I take full responsibility for it. Don’t worry. I’ve reminded our teachers to pay extra attention in the future! Accidents like this won’t happen again!

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