Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1467

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1467 – Elias knitted his brows when he saw his wife acting in that way. “I don’t remember any conflicts between
the two of you six years ago. Why are you so biased against her?”

“Are you saying that I’m unreasonable?” Sonya snapped, turning around to glare at him. The resignation on Elias’ face deepened.

“I’m only stating facts. Why are you taking this so personally?” “Then we’ll go to her place to check it out right now! We’ll see if the kid really is hurt!

Didn’t she ask us to pick Essie up from her house? We’ll go right now!”

Elias knew that she was only saying that because she was furious, so he just drove them back to the Farwell main residence.

Sonya was even more irked when she realized where they were heading, and she kept grumbling on their way back.

Elias pretended not to hear anything she said. He was already relenting much by accompanying her to pick Estella up from the kindergarten.

As Farwell Group’s chairman, he simply could not do something ludicrous like kicking up a fuss in another person’s house with her.

Even if his wife said it was for the Farwell family’s sake, Elias still thought that they had no need to do something that extreme.

Meanwhile, after Lucian conveyed the message to his father, he found himself fretting about Benny’s injury. Thus, he went to Roxanne’s place.

At the same time, Benny was staring at his mother and muttering, “Mommy, was that call from Mr. Farwell?”

As Roxanne treated his wound, she answered, “Mhm. I forgot that Essie was supposed to go home with her grandparents today.”

Benny did not care about that; he only cared about whether or not his father was coming. “Will Mr. Farwell be coming?”

He was hurt, and he wanted his father to give him words of encouragement. However, Roxanne halted in her tracks and hesitantly started, “Mr. Farwell is a busy man…”

Before she could finish her sentence, the sound of the doorbell rang out.

Thinking that it was Elias and Sonya, Roxanne rose to her feet and went over to open the door. However, upon registering the face of the man by the entrance, she blinked in surprise.

“Why are you here? Didn’t you say…” Lucian had been in a hurry to come, so he was only wearing a plain dress shirt and a tie. In a quiet voice,

he said, “They said they’ll come and pick Essie up another day and asked you to take good care of Benny.”

Shock flashed across Roxanne’s eyes when she heard that. “Where’s Benny? How is he? Is it bad?”

s if he had arrived at his own house, he easily navigated his way inside. By the time Roxanne came back to her senses, the man was already in the living room.

Benny immediately forgot about his pain when he heard his father’s voice. He cried out, “I’m here!” To access his wound easier, Roxanne had asked the boy to sit at the dining table.

She was only in the middle of applying medicine to his wound when Lucian arrived, so the boy still had iodine on his wrist.

Archie and Estella then walked over to Lucian as well. When Lucian followed the two children into the dining room, he was greeted by the sight of Benny with reddened eyes.

His forehead creased. It was his first time seeing the boy cry, and it even seemed like the boy had been bawling.

He guessed that it must have hurt quite a bit. “I heard that you were injured. Does it hurt a lot?” Lucian said in heartache as he walked over to look at
Benny’s injured wrist.

As he did not know the extent of Benny’s injury, he dared not simply touch the boy. Nevertheless, Benny flashed him a smile and said, “It doesn’t hurt anymore! I’m really tough!”

“I wonder who was the one who started crying when he saw me,” Roxanne mercilessly pointed out as she entered the dining room.

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