Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1465

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1465 – Roxanne’s heart was lodged in her throat as she made her way to the hospital.

She floored the accelerator, on the verge of breaking the speed limit. Archie and Benny might be independent since young, but it was the first time one of them had gotten hurt.

Roxanne felt a surge of anxiety wash over her. Upon arrival, Roxanne parked her car hastily and strode into the hospital.

Pippa was considerate enough to text her the ward number after Benny was admitted to the hospital. Thus, Roxanne found them without any difficulty.

“Mommy!” Archie firmly grasped her hand, squeezing it with such force that it caused her pain. Estella also clutched at the corner of her shirt.

Roxanne patted their heads comfortingly before turning to Pippa. “Ms. Ward, what happened?”

Pippa answered apologetically, “We’re not sure yet. The doctor at the infirmary said it might be a bruised cartilage. Benny is taking an X-ray inside.”

Roxanne felt a stab of pain in her heart after she heard the news.

“Ms. Jarvis, we’re really sorry. It was our fault that Benny got hurt as we didn’t take good care of him,” Jeffrey apologized profusely.

“We had hoped that the sports day would help to strengthen the bond

between the children, and we never anticipated that this would happen. I promise the children will no longer be allowed to participate in any activities that could put them at risk.”

Roxanne gazed at the kids, seeking their confirmation. After Aubree had previously poisoned the children, she was extremely vigilant when it came to the
wellbeing of the kids. She made sure to take every precaution possible and to be very mindful of their safety.

Estella’s eyes were red. The little girl was so overwhelmed that she couldn’t utter a word.

Archie remained composed as he nodded and clarified, “It was a game of hopping on one foot. Benny’s turn was behind us.

I’m not sure why he suddenly stumbled and fell.” Hearing his confirmation, Roxanne relaxed and turned to Jeffrey.

“You don’t have to blame yourself. It’s normal for children to get bumps and bruises when they play around. As long as they’re not seriously
hurt, everything should be okay.”

Right after she spoke, the doctor led Benny out. Upon spotting her, Benny, who had managed to put an end to his weeping only moments ago, was
overcome with emotion again. He burst into tears and leaped into her arms. He sobbed, “Mommy, it hurts!”

Roxanne glanced at his wounded arm. He had a long, noticeable scrape that extended from his wrist to his palm.

His hand was already beginning to swell up in response to the injury. Benny’s wrist was stiff. Roxanne couldn’t tell if it was due to the pain or some other cause.

Feeling bad for him, she gave him a comforting hug. “Don’t be afraid. I’m here, so you won’t feel the pain soon. Be a good boy, okay?”

She then brought him to see the doctor. “Doctor, how is he doing? Can I see the X-ray?”

Naturally, the doctor gave her the X-ray and explained, “He has a soft tissue injury. Children are not good at enduring pain, so I believe this injury will cause him to experience a long period of discomfort.”

Roxanne observed the X-ray carefully and furrowed her brows. It was a serious injury, so she could imagine how abrupt Benny’s fall had been.

As she was a doctor herself, she had taught Archie and Benny from a young age how to minimize their risk of harm in the event that they ever encountered any difficulties.

Benny shouldn’t have forgotten her teachings unless it was a sudden situation. Suspicion flashed across her eyes.

“I would suggest that he remain in the hospital for a few days of observation. If he is recovering satisfactorily, he can then be discharged,” the doctor added.

“I don’t want to stay in the hospital!” Benny wailed by her ear. Roxanne patted Benny’s head and told the doctor, “No need.

I’m a doctor, so I can take care of him myself. Thank you.”

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