Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1464

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1464 – Jeffrey, Pippa, and Ophelia brought Benny to the infirmary while the other teachers stayed back to take
care of the remaining children.

Benny was sobbing uncontrollably, so the atmosphere in the infirmary was incredibly tense.

“Doctor, how is he?” Jeffrey asked in a tight voice when the doctor completed the examination. Never mind if this had happened in the past.

Benny is now Mr. Farwell’s son. If something were to occur while he was under my watch in the kindergarten, I can’t bear the consequences!

Beside him, Archie and Estella lifted their heads to gaze at the doctor earnestly. The doctor retrieved a medical kit to dress Benny’s scratches.

“The abrasions aren’t concerning, but I believe he may have a bruised cartilage. It’s advisable to take him to the hospital for a comprehensive

Hearing that, Jeffrey’s vision swam, and he nearly stumbled on his feet. Archie’s expression was grim as he led Estella out of the infirmary to call Roxanne.

He knew that Benny’s injury was serious as the doctor advised them to send him to the hospital.

Roxanne was immersed in her research for new medication in her laboratory when her phone suddenly lit up, indicating an incoming call.

However, she was too busy to take it. “Dr. Jarvis, it’s Archie,” someone told her.

Hearing that, Roxanne put a halt to her work and paused her experiment to answer the call.

As soon as the call was connected, Archie spoke in a rush without giving her a chance to say anything.

“Mommy, Benny is hurt. I think he needs to go to the hospital. Are you free to come over now?” Roxanne was stunned. Benny is hurt?

rchie’s voice sounded composed. “If you’re busy, I’ll call Mr. Farwell.”

“No. Wait for me. I’ll be there right away.” Roxanne snapped out of her reverie and asked sternly, “Is your teacher with you?

Give the watch to her so I can talk to her.” After learning that Roxanne would be there, Archie relaxed and obediently gave his watch to Pippa.

Roxanne asked which hospital they were sending Benny to before hanging up in a rush. She then informed Linda and left the research institute hastily.

She had no intention of snubbing Lucian by not wanting him to be present.

It was simply that she was a doctor and knew that her expertise was more beneficial than his in this situation.

In the infirmary, Pippa and Jeffrey prepared to send Benny to the hospital. Ophelia pretended to ask, “Should we all go together?

What about the other kids from the class? Should I tell the other teachers to take care of them?”

Pippa answered without hesitation, “It’s fine. I can manage, so you should go back to the class.”

Jeffrey wasn’t about to let her go to the hospital alone. “Ms. Ward and I will go together. You can leave now.”

Ophelia expressed her concern pretentiously before turning to leave. When she returned to the field, the other kids had already started another game under their teachers’ lead.

Ophelia made sure no one saw her retrieving Benny’s shoes which she had hidden earlier. She worked diligently to rid the footwear of the oil stains and then arranged them alongside the other sneakers.

Once all that was done, she returned to the other children with a smile on her face.

The children gathered around Ophelia to inquire about Benny’s injury. Internally, Ophelia was elated,

though on the outside she kept a worried expression. “I’m not sure, but you must be careful to avoid getting hurt as Benny did.” The children nodded readily.

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