Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1462

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1462 – Ophelia couldn’t help but recall how she lived frugally overseas as she watched the kids having fun.
Without Aubree’s assistance, she likely would have encountered difficulties in carrying on with her studies.

Initially, Aubree wanted her to join Pearson Group after she returned to the country. Ophelia was filled with deep gratitude for Aubree, who went above and beyond to assist her.

When Aubree voiced her discontentment about Roxanne, Ophelia was quick to join in, expressing her own disdain as well.

Alas, none of them expected that Pearson Group would meet its end before Ophelia could return to the country.

According to Aubree, the downfall of the Pearson family was mainly due to Roxanne’s influence on Lucian. She was able to snatch him away from Aubree and convince him to do whatever it took to destroy the Pearson family.

There were, of course, other causes that culminated in the eventual demise of the Pearson family, but Roxanne’s interference was ultimately the most decisive factor.

Roxanne had hurt her friend and brought about the ruin of the Pearson family, leaving Ophelia without any opportunity to achieve her ambitions.
Hence, it was only natural for Ophelia to despise Roxanne.

Getting a job at the kindergarten after her return was also Aubree’s idea. Since Roxanne was the cause of their misery, they must teach her a lesson!
Ophelia agreed to Aubree’s suggestion readily.

Her goal was to inflict harm upon Roxanne’s children in order to teach her a lesson, but she hadn’t gotten a chance to do so for the past few days.
The sports competition was the perfect opportunity for her to carry out her plan.

Ophelia kept her gaze on the kids as she racked her brains to figure out a plan. Meanwhile, the children were focused on the games.

The first game they took part in was the puzzle game. It was a competition, so the teachers had selected some difficult puzzles for the kids.

The other kids had been born into affluent households and had received additional tutoring beyond their regular schooling, yet they were completely bewildered by the challenging puzzles.

Archie and Benny were pleased with themselves after completing their puzzles with ease. They started clapping their hands smugly and turned around to find that Estella was also clapping her hands with them.

The boys exchanged a look and assumed Estella had yet to complete her puzzle. They were about to go and help her when they realized she had already finished her puzzle.

“Essie, you’re so smart!” Benny praised her excitedly. Estella’s lips curled into a smug grin.

The other children forgot to complete their own puzzles and gathered to lavish praises on the three of them.

The three children were surrounded by their friends. The next game was an obstacle course that required them to put on blindfolds.

Archie and Benny were the first ones to make it through the obstacle course with their blindfolds on. After taking them off, they turned their attention to Estella, offering her assistance as she attempted to complete the same challenge.

Under their guidance, Estella soon completed the course. Her grin grew wider. They were so engrossed in completing the games that they didn’t notice Ophelia’s gaze on them.

Jeffrey and the other teachers were paying attention to the kids, too. It took Ophelia some time before she came up with an idea. Carefully, she observed her surroundings.

Once she made sure no one was looking at her, she sneaked away and ran to the equipment room. The children’s sneakers for their upcoming game were neatly arranged in the equipment room.

Their parents had lovingly prepared the shoes for them, taking great care to label their shoes with their name stickers.

Ophelia meandered around the area until she eventually spotted Benny’s shoes at the most outward corner. Her expression was dark as she picked them up.

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