Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1460

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1460 – Roxanne took the tableware into the kitchen. Initially, she thought that Lucian had something important to
say and planned to take him to the study to talk.

To her surprise, Lucian was standing at the kitchen door with his head lowered as he rolled his sleeves up when she whirled around.

Before she could wrap her mind around it, the man had already strolled over casually. Picking up the bowl she had washed, he wiped it dry.

Seeing that, Roxanne was again startled. That action of his gave her the illusion that they were a couple who had been married for a long time.

Moreover, the picture of the high and mighty CEO of Farwell Group entering the kitchen gave others the impression that he had stepped down from his pedestal.

Sheer shock deluged her. Conversely, Lucian nonchalantly started speaking of the purpose of his visit. “My father wants to go to the kindergarten to take Essie home tomorrow.”

As his words drifted into her ears, Roxanne abruptly snapped back to reality. “Have you agreed?”

She remembered him saying back then that his consent was required if his parents wanted to take Estella away.

“Yeah. He seems to have misunderstood the relationship between you and my mother. For that reason, I think he should have a look for himself,” Lucian replied.

Although his father didn’t spell things out, he knew the man suspected that Estella was only hostile toward his mother because of Roxanne’s instigation.

Since Elias had such a concern, he didn’t mind allowing his father to see where exactly Estella’s aversion to Sonya came from.

Roxanne nodded in acknowledgment. “Got it. Essie might be reluctant to leave me for the time being. Anyway, I’ll talk to her.”

At that, Lucian cast her a grateful look. “Thank you.” Lowering her gaze, Roxanne chuckled airily. “They were the ones who raised Essie in the first place.

It’s normal for the elderly to miss their grandchildren. However, Essie is pretty stubborn. I’ll do my best to coax her.”

Despite saying that, she was actually worried inwardly. For some reason, Estella was exceedingly averse to Sonya.

Hence, she was afraid that the latter would upset the little girl. Seemingly seeing right through her, Lucian softened his voice and promised, “I’ll get my mother to see reason slowly. I’m sorry you have to put up with her.”

When Roxanne heard that, she stilled imperceptibly. A glimmer of elation flashed across her eyes.

I thought he would, at the very least, maintain a neutral stance between me and Sonya. I honestly didn’t expect him to side with me.

It turns out that I’m not the only one working hard when it comes to his mother’s attitude toward our relationship.

For a moment, she didn’t quite know how to describe her feelings. Some time passed before she gradually composed herself.

Lifting her eyes to him, she whispered, “Thank you.” Lucian stared at her intently. “I should be the one thanking you for your willingness to persist until now despite my mother’s attitude toward you.”

After he had said that, his gaze darkened a shade. Guilt stained his eyes. “If she realizes her mistakes in the future, I think—” Before he had finished speaking, Roxanne had already chortled aloud. “

As long as Mrs. Farwell can divest herself of her prejudice toward the boys and me, I’ll be more than glad to be a family with her.”

She sounded incredibly sincere, her voice devoid of any pretense. Locking gazes with her earnest eyes, Lucian couldn’t help leaning toward her bit by bit.

Meanwhile, Roxanne was inexorably taken aback when she sensed his approach.

By the time she gathered her wits about her, the man had already captured her lips. His hands spanned her waist, leaving her with no way of escaping.

Fortunately, Lucian merely kissed her briefly. Shortly after, he dropped his hold on her.

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