Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 142

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 142 – Not What I Meant

In the end, Roxanne’s thanks never left her mouth.

Jonathan, too, was stunned. Frowning at Frieda, he reprimanded her, “Frieda, what are you blabbering about?”

With a shrug of her shoulders, Frieda replied in nonchalance, “I’m being serious. Even though someone has broken up with Lucian without saying a word back then, she’s still thick-skinned enough to cling to him now. Doesn’t she already know that Aubree is with Lucian? What’s the difference between her and a third party?”

As she spoke, Frieda threw Roxanne a contemptuous look.

I just can’t stand her, and she’ll never earn my respect even if she cures Grandpa.
Although she didn’t name names, it was clear that she was talking about Roxanne.

As a gloomy expression gradually descended upon Roxanne’s face, she said coldly, “Ms. Queen, instead of making snide comments, you had better learn some proper manners yourself before going around patronizing others.”

With a drastic change in her expression, Frieda shot Roxanne a glare. “How dare you accuse me of being ill-mannered!”

Roxanne met her gaze with an emotionless face. “What has my affairs with Lucian got anything to do with you? This is my personal matter, and you have no right to interfere. As a lady of a prominent family, don’t you think it’s unbecoming of you to stick your nose in the business of others?”

Roxanne’s admonishment rendered Frieda speechless.

She was worried about being labeled as uncultured if she continued the argument.

Recovering her gaze, Roxanne warned, “To me, you’re nothing but a stranger. At most, you’re just a family member of my patient. Hence, you better not question me about my personal affairs!”

With that, Roxanne bade goodbye to Jonathan and left before Frieda could react.

Watching Roxanne’s leaving silhouette, Frieda gritted her teeth in anger, for she had seen how Aubree stayed by Lucian’s side over the years.

If it wasn’t for her, Lucian would already have married Aubree. And now that she has returned, she managed to draw Lucian’s attention again. I don’t know what gives her the cheek to even put on such airs! Aubree has treated Grandpa very well over the years and isn’t inferior to her in any way. How dare this homewrecker accuse me of being ill-mannered!

When Jonathan saw the rage on Frieda’s face, he shot her a glare before chasing after Roxanne.

“Dr. Jarvis!”

Roxanne stopped and turned around upon hearing his voice. She was greeted by the sight of him running toward her.

Giving him a baffled look, she asked, “What is it?”

Jonathan was visibly apologetic. “I’m here to say sorry on my sister’s behalf. I don’t know what has gotten into her. She seems to be easily agitated recently and keeps making snarky remarks. Please don’t take what she said to heart.”

Roxanne smiled plainly. “Don’t worry. I won’t. I won’t stop treating Old Mr. Queen because of her words either.”

“That’s not what I meant.” Jonathan felt helpless.

He admired Roxanne and felt that she would make a good friend. Yet, regardless of what he said, she would always steer the conversation back to Alfred’s treatment.

In no mood for idle chatter, Roxanne asked out of courtesy, “Is there anything else?”

As it would be rude to hold her back, Jonathan replied, “That’s all. Goodbye.”

Roxanne nodded before getting into her car.

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