Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 141

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 141 – Getting Involved Again

The next morning, Roxanne sent the children to school alone as Lucian didn’t come.

When Pippa saw Roxanne by herself, she was surprised. “Ms. Jarvis, where’s Mr. Farwell today?”
Roxanne was briefly stunned by the comment.

She wasn’t expecting Pippa to notice that Lucian had brought the children to school with her over the last two days, let alone inquire about his absence.
As it gave the impression that she and Lucian were close, Roxanne was stumped for an answer.

Nonetheless, Estella brought out her notebook and wrote: I’m living with Ms. Jarvis now!
She then raised it up with a vibrant smile on her face.

When Pippa saw how cheerful Estella was now in contrast to her listless expression from two days ago, she couldn’t help but beam and stroke Estella’s hair. “I see.”

Subsequently, she returned her gaze to Roxanne and was bowled over by how much Estella liked Roxanne and her sons.
Roxanne heaved a sigh of relief in her mind when she saw Estella answer on her behalf. After handing the children over, she remarked, “Thanks for taking care of them.”

With that, she bid farewell to the children before driving off.

Due to how busy she was taking care of Estella and managing the affairs of the research institute, she didn’t manage to visit Alfred even though it was time for his next treatment.

With that thought in mind, Roxanne turned her car around and headed to the Queen residence after confirming with Jonathan that it was a good time to visit.
In the meantime, Jonathan was already waiting at home.

He gave Roxanne a warm welcome the moment she entered. “Dr. Jarvis, I was already about to call you because you hadn’t gotten in touch.”
Roxanne smiled apologetically. “Something came up the last two days. How is Old Mr. Queen doing?”

In truth, Jonathan was just making idle chatter and didn’t mean to blame her. In response to her question, his eyes glistened in admiration. “Thanks to your amazing medical skills, Grandpa’s condition has improved significantly. Or else, I would already be pestering you.”

Relieved to hear that Alfred was doing well, Roxanne went upstairs with her medical kit.

Following her from behind, Jonathan furrowed his brows when he accidentally caught a glimpse of her hand that was holding the kit. “Did you hurt yourself?”

Roxanne thought nothing of it. “I accidentally scalded myself when I spilled soup on it. It’s not a bother at all.”

After a momentary pause, she added, “Don’t worry, it won’t affect Old Mr. Queen’s treatment.”

Alfred had received advance notice of her arrival, so when they entered his room one after another, he was already sitting in bed.
Roxanne took a seat by Alfred’s bed and began the treatment after greeting him cordially.

Even though the wound on her hand looked nasty, she no longer felt any pain due to the effectiveness of her own medication. Therefore, it wasn’t a hindrance to her when she inserted the needles into Alfred’s body.

Once the treatment was completed, Roxanne started to pack up. Seeing that, Jonathan came over to help.

Cognizant that he was concerned about her wound, Roxanne didn’t stop him despite being briefly stunned.
Upon arriving downstairs, Jonathan called out to her when she was about to leave. “Dr. Jarvis, please hold on.”

Stopping in her tracks, she gave Jonathan a puzzled look as he retrieved something from a drawer and walked up to her. “This is my family’s best medication for burn wounds. As a doctor, you have to take good care of your hands, as they’re indispensable.”

Just when she was about to thank him, Frieda’s cynical voice rang out.

“Jonathan, you had better not be so kind. Otherwise, you might end up making someone fall for you.”

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