Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 131

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 131 – Something Happening To Mommy

Roxanne led the girl to the living room’s couch. The two boys soon brought her the medical kit before sitting at the side, waiting to watch Roxanne treat
her wound.

Roxanne accepted the kit from the boys and thanked them. Just as she took out the burn cream, she realized that she had hurt her dominant arm—her
right arm. It would be tough for her to use her left hand.

“Mommy, let me help you out!” Archie kindly volunteered as he reached out toward her, hoping to help her out.

It was inconvenient for Roxanne to do it herself, so she bobbed her head in response. Right as she was about to hand Archie the burn cream, a large
hand intercepted them and took the tube away.

Both Roxanne and Archie turned toward the owner of the hand.

“Let me.” Lucian’s brows were slightly knitted as the man crouched in front of Roxanne.

Archie pursed his lips and pushed Benny. The two then shifted a little more to the side to let Lucian take a seat beside their mother.

When the man gently held her hand in his, something flashed past Roxanne’s eyes. She then lowered her gaze and muttered, “Sorry to trouble you.”
Lucian’s frown only deepened at her courteous response; he did not say anything else.

In the meantime, Estella was holding onto Roxanne’s shirt tightly as she stared at her father’s hands. It was as if she was fearful that Roxanne would
feel pain.

Sensing the girl’s nervousness, Roxanne looked at her and gave her a reassuring smile. “It doesn’t hurt at all.”

Estella’s eyes glinted, but she continued to fix her gaze on the woman’s hand.

Archie was seated right beside Lucian. Although he was wracked with worry for his mother, he never spoke.

On the other hand, Benny cocked his head to the side as he stared at his mother’s hand. He then said, “It looks serious. Will blisters form? Mommy’s a
doctor, and her hands are important to her. We can’t let anything happen to her.

A laugh escaped Roxanne when she heard the boy’s worries. “It’ll be fine.

Don’t you know that I’m a great doctor? This cream is something I’ve specially picked. It’s useful for burns. I used to apply this whenever you two
got burns when you were younger.”

At that, Benny dipped his head in response. A few seconds of silence later, he nervously asked again, “Will it leave a scar? Mommy’s arms are pretty.
Please don’t let it leave a scar!”

Roxanne shook her head. “It won’t. Don’t worry.”

She was speaking to the boy, but still, she could not bring herself to ignore the man beside her.

It was only mere minutes, but it felt as if centuries had passed.

“It should be fine now. Take a look,” came the man’s magnetic voice by her ear.

After a quick glimpse at her arm, she looked away and retracted it. “It’s all right now. Thank you.”

Lucian’s hand froze in midair. He then slowly pulled it back and quietly rose to his feet.

Estella tugged on Roxanne’s shirt, and that brought the woman back to her senses. She then showed the girl her treated arm.

Estella stared intently at it for a while before raising her head and giving Roxanne a smile.

Roxanne’s heart lurched when she saw Estella smiling at her. Nervously, she looked at the girl and said, “Are you at ease now that I’ve treated my

She wanted to find out if the girl really had recovered or not.

In the next second, she saw Estella smiling and nodding her head. There was even a little dimple by the corners of her lips.

“Mommy, Essie’s smiling!” Benny excitedly leaped out of the couch.

Roxanne saw it as well, but she was so thrilled she had no idea how to respond to it.

By the time she recollected herself, tears were welling up in her eyes. As she hugged Estella, she said, “I’m glad that you’re getting better. Don’t scare me
that way anymore, okay? The boys are going to go back to kindergarten.

They’ll play with you next time. You have to tell us if you encounter any trouble next time, okay?”

Estella bobbed her head in agreement as she let Roxanne hug her.

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