Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 130

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 130 – Estella Recovered

Archie and Benny were stunned when they saw tears running down Estella’s cheeks. They did not know if they should console her or not.
After all, it seemed like she was crying because their mother was hurt. In a way, she was responding to the outside world.

It was great news for them. However, their hearts broke at the sight of Estella’s watery eyes. They then turned to seek help from their mother, but the next thing they saw was their mother, frowning in pain as she washed her wound.

At that, Archie and Benny calmed down. Their eyes continued to flit between their mother and Estella, nevertheless.
A while later, Lucian grabbed Roxanne’s arm and pulled it away from the running water.

Roxanne lowered her eyes to look at the site of the wound. Although it was still red, it did not hurt as much anymore.
When Lucian noticed her action, he frowned as concern seeped into his eyes. He asked, “What’s the matter? Does it still hurt a lot?”

Roxanne tensed up for a second but shook her head. “I’m feeling much better. I’ll treat the wound, and it should be fine after that.”
With that, she shook off Lucian’s hand and walked toward the door. Just as she turned around, she saw the helpless gazes of her two sons.

Roxanne turned in the direction they were looking, only to see Estella sobbing miserably. Her small body was shaking, but no sound was coming from her.
It was the first time Roxanne had ever seen her cry after her autism diagnosis. Moreover, it seemed like the little girl was extremely upset, so she

could not help but feel worried. “Why are you crying? Were you frightened?” As she spoke, she crouched down in front of Estella and raised her hand,
about to wipe the girl’s tears away. However, Estella leaped into her arms as she continued sobbing, her eyes fixed on Roxanne’s injured arm.

Roxanne was taken aback by how the girl had launched herself into her arms, but after the shock came delight.
It was the same action as before. In the past, Estella would jump into Roxanne’s arms whenever she saw the latter.

Although the girl was crying, at the very least, she was reacting to her surroundings. At that thought, Roxanne lifted her uninjured arm and gently hugged the girl to her. At the same time, she tentatively asked, “Essie, have you recovered? Do you know who I am now?”

The girl gave her a slight nod, but she continued to sniffle. At that, Archie’s and Benny’s eyes lit up. They then walked over to Estella
and pointed at themselves. “Then do you know who we are?” However, Estella’s gaze was fixed on Roxanne’s injured arm; she did not look at them at all.

The boys were disappointed. Sensing their emotions, Roxanne raised her hand to ruffle Estella’s hair and softly said, “The boys are here too.
Do you see them? They’ve been taking care of you the past two days.”

It was then Estella slowly lifted her head out from Roxanne’s embrace and glanced at the two boys in front of her. She then gave a small incline of her
head before turning to look at Roxanne again. “Mommy, she sees that you’re hurt, and she’s worried about you,” Archie explained.

Hearing that, Roxanne could not help but freeze. She then looked at the spot Estella was looking at and realized that, indeed, the girl was staring at her
injured arm. Upon the revelation, Roxanne’s heart softened.

She thought that they would have to put in much more time and effort to have Estella recover. Yet, the girl had walked out of her own world just because Roxanne was hurt. “I’m fine. Don’t worry about me.” Roxanne showed her arm to Estella by lifting it.

After staring at it for a few seconds, Estella then carefully blew on the wound. The smile on Roxanne’s face turned even more tender.
She patted the girl’s head and said, “Thank you, Essie. It doesn’t hurt anymore.” Finally, Estella’s sobbing eased a little.

“I’m a doctor, and I’m pretty good at my job. This wound is nothing. It’ll recover quickly once I treat it. Why don’t you come with me?”
Roxanne stood up. At that, the girl nodded fervently and grabbed the hem of Roxanne’s shirt before following her out.

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