Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 126

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 126 – She Should Just Die

She even tried turning on the waterworks as she pleaded with him, but Lucian did not loosen his grip in the slightest.
It took Aubree every ounce of energy she had just to get a breath of air in, but she still stubbornly refused to admit to what she had done.

If Lucian is being so vicious toward me simply because he suspects me, then there’s no telling what he’d do to me if I admit to it!
Cayden was shocked when he came in after Lucian and saw Aubree’s face turning purple.

Fearing that Lucian would accidentally kill her, he quickly ran forward to stop him. “Let go of her, Mr. Farwell! She’ll die if you don’t!”
Instead of letting go, Lucian simply tightened his grip on her neck even further.

In that very moment, Aubree had no doubt that he would actually strangle her to death. Eventually, Cayden had no choice but to step in and forcefully pry her out of his grip. Having been drained of all her energy, Aubree slumped to the floor immediately after being released and panted heavily.

After taking a moment to regain his composure, Lucian glared at her as he said, “Fine, you can keep that act up for as long as you like.
I’ll ask Essie about it when she gets better, and I will come for you if you really are the one behind this!”

He then stormed out of the house with Cayden following closely behind, leaving Aubree on the floor with a mix of anger and fear all over her face.
Den it! Why won’t that little bustard just die? Now I have to live in fear of her telling on me!

The mere thought of what Lucian would do to her terrified her to no end. Lucian had been completely silent after getting into the car with Cayden.
“Mr. Farwell, would you like to go check on Ms. Estella?” Cayden asked cautiously after a while.

“Take us back to the manor,” Lucian replied while suppressing his anger. Although Cayden didn’t understand the reasoning behind his request, he drove them back to the Farwell residence anyway. “Wait here,” Lucian instructed and got out of the car by himself.

Moments later, he came back with a dark-colored bottle in hand. “Take me to Roxanne’s,” he ordered after getting back into the car.
Cayden nodded and did as told. Roxanne had been keeping Estella company after Lucian left earlier.

She then had Archie and Benny watch over her while she fetched a first aid kit from downstairs. The two kids tried their best to entertain Estella,
only to feel a little disappointed when they received no response from her.

“It’ll take some time for Essie to recover, so we must be patient,” Roxanne said while patting them on the head.
The two kids nodded obediently and reluctantly returned to their room after hearing that.

Moments after tucking Estella in, Roxanne was about to get some rest when she heard the doorbell ring. “I thought you said you had some business to take care of? Why have you come back so soon?” she asked upon seeing Lucian at the door.

“I went back to get Essie some ointment. Could you apply it for her?” Lucian replied while handing her the bottle of ointment. Roxanne’s feeling of displeasure decreased slightly upon recognizing it as a fairly expensive medical ointment that was extremely effective for treating bruises.

I assumed that he had left Estella with me to take care of work, but he actually went to get her some medical ointment…

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