Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 125

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 125 – Confronting Aubree

Realizing that she was the most suspicious individual due to her unresolved conflict with Lucian, Roxanne was quick to explain, “Just so you know, I didn’t
do this! I’ve always believed that children are innocent! Besides, Archie and Benny like Essie a lot, so I would never hit her!”

Plus, since she had spent some time alone with Estella, she would have no way of explaining herself if Lucian decided to suspect her. Her anxiety got so intense that it even started showing on her face. Lucian shot her a confused glance upon hearing what she said. “I’m not suspecting you or anything.

In fact, I think I know who did this.” Roxanne breathed a sigh of relief before asking worriedly, “Who could it be?” The temperature in the room seemed to decrease as Lucian went into deep thought. Mom and Dad brought Essie out of the house yesterday without explaining why.

While their behavior does seem a little strange, I know for a fact that they love Essie very much, and that they would never lay a finger on her.
The only other person that has been in contact with Essie since last night is

Aubree! I know that Essie has always disliked her, but I didn’t think she’d hurt Essie like this! “Well? Who is it?” Roxanne asked anxiously when she saw his gloomy expression. Lucian tried his best to suppress his anger as he said, “I’ll be leaving Essie in your care for a bit.

There’s something I need to take care of.” He then turned around and left the house while Roxanne watched on with a displeased frown.
As if not knowing about his daughter’s injuries wasn’t bad enough, he’s seriously just going to leave her here after finding out about it?

Aubree was so terrified by Lucian’s intimidating aura earlier that she sat there in the restaurant for quite some time before heading back.
Even when she got home, her mind was still a mess as she recalled Lucian’s questioning from earlier.

Aubree was about to call Elias and Sonya for help when she heard her doorbell ring. She then put her phone away and had the butler open the door.
The butler returned moments later with her visitor, and Aubree went pale when she saw who it was.

“L-Lucian? What are you doing here?” Those words had barely left her mouth when Lucian stepped forward and grabbed her by the throat.
Aubree’s eyes were filled with fear as she asked in a trembling voice, “Lucian, what’s the meaning of this?”

Lucian’s bloodthirsty expression made him look like a demon that had crawled straight out of hell. “Were you the one who gave Essie those wounds?”
he asked while tightening his grip on her neck. Aubree tugged at his wrist as she struggled to breathe.

“L-Lucian, I don’t know what you’re talking about… Let go of me, and we’ll talk this out…” Lucian narrowed his eyes and asked coldly,
“How long do you intend to keep this act up, Aubree?” “I really don’t know anything! I love Essie very much, so there’s no way I’d hit her!

I know nothing about these wounds you’re talking about! I’m not sure why you’d think I did it, but this really is a misunderstanding!
You have to believe me, Lucian!” Aubree protested with her face as white as a sheet.

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